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Talent Summit

The Talent Summit is a half day event providing an opportunity for employers to network and engage around key topics related to the workforce.

The goal of the event is to provide an engaging, participatory learning and networking environment for HR Professionals and CEOs to engage around key pertinent topics related to workforce.

Recent Workshops Presented By Local Leaders

1. Ignite your Talent Strategy

Having a well thought out talent strategy can and will ignite business growth when done right. From company branding to succession planning, learn how talent strategy and talent planning are core to the success of your business and how critical long-term talent planning is.

2. Your Most Critical Asset – Talent Leadership

It is critical for the HR leader and CEO to be aligned on what moves the business forward. Honest and objective assessment of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and a well-rounded perspective of potential solutions are essential for creating this vital strategic partnership. From identifying solutions to business risks from a human capital perspective to ensuring the company’s culture is a driving force in recruitment and development decisions, an HR leader be a vital resource that has a lasting impact.

3. Partnerships to Drive Success and Savings

Partnerships create powerful collaboration. Hear how a variety of organizations are striving to connect job seekers of all ages, employment backgrounds and skill sets to our employers of the region. The presentation will highlight numerous resources and examples of creative ways employers have partnered to help meet their recruitment and retention efforts.

4. Organizational Change – Position Your Business Growth

Maintaining a thriving and diverse business model in the midst of an ever changing environment/community is critical to sustainable growth. This session will showcase two very diverse business models and the processes they underwent to explore, evaluate and execute successful business models to fit the needs of the community and the workforce.

5. Talent Shortage? Developing from Within!

Do you hire great people only to see them leave you? Practical steps for evaluating and implementing organizational effectiveness strategies. Focus on leveraging the skills and strengths of your current workforce to put your best team on the field. We will explore practical case studies outlining the role of Executives and HR partnerships to ensure company growth objectives and customer needs are met, ensuring each and every associate within the organization has an established succession plan in place to ensure success.