Things To Do

“All work and no play” doesn’t sound like much fun.

But how would we know?

Greater St. Cloud has so much to do—day and night, season after season—that we always find reasons to play. Lots of them, so pace yourself. 

We revel in the small things — when the  Koi fish are back in the ponds at the College of St. Benedict, the Summertime by George concert series, the goodness of a Val’s burger and chocolate shake. We make big things happen and protect the places we call home. In Greater St. Cloud, there are casual and bright lights with enough down-home charm to rival even the biggest cities’ stories. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet hike with serene nature views, bright lights and a one-of-a-kind show, a great meal and specialty cocktail (or local brew)  with friends, or some wholesome family fun without the price tag, we know there’s a little something for everyone and every vibe.

Arguably, the best quality of Greater St. Cloud is its people. Across all the communities that represent the heart of the state are the families, social networks, coworkers, and supporters behind the population signs. As a culture, we’re richly diverse, mingling old roots with fresh new ones. We show up for each other as neighbors and linger over long goodbyes in parking lots, porches, and entryways.

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