Tips to Prepare for Your First Job After College

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They say that as one door closes, another opens. Though the school year has come to an end, it may mean the beginning of an exciting new career for you. As you look for your first job, keep these things in mind:

Take Advantage of Networking Events

These aren’t just a chance to meet people, but a way to sow seeds for future jobs. It may seem simple, but be sure to introduce yourself to everyone you meet. That can be intimidating in-person, but it’s the only way to make connections. When talking to new connections, be confident. Listen actively to what they’re saying and ask questions in response. It may help to take notes after you meet someone to make following up more personal.

Learn as Much as You Can

You may want to follow up with your new connections and request an informational interview. This isn’t a job interview, but a way to talk about opportunities in the field. Come with questions. This can also be good practice for potential job interviews in the future and a way to strengthen a connection in the meantime. You may even want to set up a job shadow at a business or organization of interest to learn more about the skills and expectations required for certain jobs. First Interview

Nail the Interview

So you’ve landed an interview – congrats! Often, you’ll have a phone interview first. Treat it as importantly as you would an in-person interview. This is your first chance to make a good impression on a hiring committee. The end of an interview is your chance to ask questions. Come prepared and don’t be afraid to be genuine. And after, always send a thank you note.   Looking for your first job can be an exciting time. Don’t start your search in the St. Cloud area without Greater St. Cloud JobSpot, your place for thousands of job postings, job prep and networking resources, event listings and so much more.

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