Shines Story: Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio

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5, 6, 7, 8 … If you’ve had experience with dance, you know what that means – the fun is about to begin! Contrary to popular belief, dance class doesn’t have to be for kids + teens only- and locally owned & operated studio, Ms. Melinda’s is making that happen!

Melinda Tamm - Owner & CEO of Ms. Melinda’s Dance StudioMelinda Tamm is the Owner & CEO – and an instructor – at Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio (MMDS). “I am originally from Sartell and love the impact that Central MN has had in my development and growth as a business leader and artist.” Ms. Melinda’s opened its doors to dancers more than 15 years ago. Ms. Melinda’s dancers are in our communities, as performers, coaches, mentors, and more. They’ve performed in local musical theatre and Holly Ball time and time again.

But it’s so much more than dance, really – and dance is so much more than movement and expression, especially to Tamm and her staff; “I started based on a passion of dance, and found a way to combine that with my love of teaching and the vision of a positive environment to encourage growth and self-awareness for others.”

In a world of online communication, comparisons, and negative messages, MMDS strives to be a positive influence and guiding light for students. “MMDS doesn’t just stand for Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio, it also stands for our values of M = Making a Difference, M = Mentorship, D = Dedication, and S = Self- Worth. Our strong staff of teachers and support staff all come together to help our community become the best form of themselves.” And there’s a whole lot of students in and out of Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio, growing stronger, in more ways than one. Every year the studio provides lessons to 500+ students ages 2 to adult. Now that’s impact!

Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio - People DancingAnd yes, you read that right – Ms. Melinda’s also offers ADULT CLASSES. Currently, there’s a session of adult tap classes for individuals across all experience levels. “All of our classes are offered to those with no experience to those with many years. My incredible staff is able to adapt classes to help all clients learn.” Adult classes typically start in January and the best way to be informed of opportunities is to follow their Facebook page and check the Class Registration page on the MMDS website (

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