Shines Stories: Pineview Park BMX

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Mark & Cheryl Post with Gil Umerski started Pineview Park BMX park more than 20 years ago, and Mark still operates the track today. Pineview Park Bmx is a non-profit, BMX racing facility. It is sanctioned by USA BMX and the property is leased from the City of St. Cloud. The partnership between the City and track has been a win/win from the beginning.

Cheryl Post - Pineview Park BMX“I’ve lived in the St. Cloud area all my life. My son started riding BMX when he was 14 and the closest tracks were in Brainerd and St. Michael. On the ride home from Brainerd one time, he asked why can’t we have a track in St. Cloud? It’s just a bunch of piles of dirt. And that was the beginning of Pineview Park BMX.” After two years of hard work, the first race at Pineview Park was on June 29, 1999.

“Candy bar sales, hot dog stands, and donations from many businesses and clubs in the community provided the funding for our 501 c3 and the equipment we needed.” To this day, the track is completely run by volunteers – some parents of riders and others are BMX sport and atmosphere lovers.

Getting ready to race - Pineview Park BMXRiders at this local track range from 2 years old to 50+, though the majority of the riders are under the age of 16. “Balance bikes are for the younger kids up to 5 years old and then there are different levels of racing determined by age and class of the riders. Everyone races against riders at their same level at each of the ages.”

“Throughout the years we have hosted many large events including the State Finals and National event, but the most exciting part of being involved with the track is the smiles on the kid’s faces and the families being there together. It is unique that a 14-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl can be enjoying the same sport at the same time and place.”

Watching the races - Pineview Park BMX“The biggest misconception about Bmx racing is that it’s more dangerous than other sports. Yes, everyone will fall and get some bumps and scrapes at some point, and as their skill level increases. But serious injuries are not common.  Also, boys and girls can be successful at this sport no matter what age they start!”  We invite all ages to come out and give it a try.” Alise (Post) Willoughby – Mark & Cheryl’s daughter – started at this very track years ago. This summer, she’ll head to Tokyo to compete in the Olympics.

So how can you get in on the action? There’s a Minnesota state race weekend in June, a large event for a Gold Cup final race in mid-September, and some other fun events – other than just racing. You can visit the Pineview Park BMX Facebook page or website ( for more information. “We have many clinics and lots of racing all summer long. If you would like to check out BMX – get in touch with us or visit our website!”


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