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“We want to bring to life the heritage of New Orleans right here in downtown St. Joe. Combining a whole lot of passion with recipes passed down from generation to generation, our mouth-watering fare brings the culture and flavors of NOLA to Minnesota.” That’s Krewe – a Cajun, Creole, Italian, Vietnamese, and Irish-influenced restaurant in their first year of business – owned and operated by Mateo Mackbee.

Mateo Mackbee - Owner of Krewe RestaurantThe name itself is a homage to the groups of people who create the floats for Mardi Gras, “We use it as a way to say this “Krewe” is a group of people who have come together to make a creative experience! I grew up in MN but my mother was born and raised in New Orleans so we spent our summers growing there. My grandfather was a chef on a cargo ship that traveled from the port of New Orleans to locations around the world and when he was home, he would always be cooking for us.”

Krewe is a community-driven establishment that places great importance on being welcoming to everyone. Their restaurant is also a teaching kitchen that provides opportunities for marginalized communities in food and food-related industries. “We believe we can bring an elevated space with great food, awesome cocktails, and a great atmosphere that is loved by all.”

Krewe RestaurantThere are a few things that make Krewe unique – in addition to their menu. For example, their ingredients incorporate ingredients that are fresh and in-season. “Our service style is more of an experience than most places in the area as well. We encourage our guests to share food and enjoy conversation while eating.” And because “food is meant to be savored and shared” staff delivers food to the table as entrees are cooked are completed, rather than when the entire order is ready, so you can share and savor each dish while it is hot and fresh.

Krewe Restaurant“My favorite menu item is probably the red beans and rice. It just tastes like home to me. The flavor and texture connect me to my mother and grandfather. It just gives me a feeling in my soul. We bring a cuisine that is not only unique to the Central MN Community but unique to our state as a whole.”

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