Shines Stories: Brother’s United

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Jarrod Hall first came to Central Minnesota in 1992, to play football at St. Cloud State University. He is often described as friendly, loyal, ambitious, and dedicated. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and a Master’s degree in Multicultural Education in Leadership – and he’s working on his Doctoral Degree in Education. Yes, he’s dedicated. For more than 10 years, Jarrod has been the Professor of Ethnic & Women Studies and Human Relations & Multicultural education at SCSU.

Brother’s Unites business cardIn 1997, Jarrod started Brother’s United. “Our mission is to offer boys and men of all ages in Central MN the tools they need to take control of their life. Whether it’s graduating from high school, going to college, getting a G.E.D, getting a job, or developing positive life skills… BU offers you a chance to turn it around and make a difference to yourself, your family, and your community. Our group also provides personal coaching and weekly healing circles in a therapeutic environment. We provide an excellent connection to the treatment of the physical body, which will support the psycho-social and spiritual needs.”

But Shortly after becoming a professor, Brothers United dissolved a bit. Until June of 2020. “I was at a community get-together talking about how the community feels about what was happening in 2020 and people were talking about what they need. I then committed to starting BU again. Because the need was about men coming together to help ourselves. We needed to focus on what we call Knowledge of Self and help our troubled young men by volunteering at community events while holding weekly healing circle sessions.”

Brother’s Unites Enrollment Form“There are so many great things about our group. Working with men of all ages who need help and connecting them to resources, using our healing circles to reduce trauma they face, volunteering in our communities, it all makes an impact. We’re also planning a basketball tournament and bicycle marathon for the youth in our area. This group is important to Greater St. Cloud because it’s a safe place to release trauma, fears, act as a volunteer and mentor or mentee.”

And Jarrod has a big vision for what Brothers United is. “I want to help the troubled youth in our area by creating a resource and advocacy center called Boys II Men. You all can help by passing on the words about Brothers United. We care about our community and we are willing to put the time and energy in to make changes.”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in Brothers United – as a mentor, mentee, donor, or supporter – please call Jarrod at 715-529-1971 or reach out on their website –


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