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St. Cloud-Based Preferred Credit, Inc. (PCI) on Being Part of Central Minnesota

Preferred Credit Inc., (PCI) is a St. Cloud company that provides financing to a group of direct sales distributors. Founded in 1982 with a mission to offer financing to the unique needs of the direct sales industry, PCI is one of the nation’s leading consumer lenders—and is committed to taking care of clients and customers, and strives to create sustainable opportunities for businesses, customers, and employees.

Today, on the cusp of its 40th year in business, PCI remains a stable, mid-sized, family-owned business with an unwavering passion for service, trust, community, and growth.

Stewards for Change

Preferred Credit, Inc. ValuesJenny Musech is the Director of HR and Organizational Development at PCI. Supporting community, from PCI’s point of view, only highlights how great St. Cloud and its surrounding communities truly are.

“At PCI our Values come first. Part of our Values statement says, As Stewards, we craft and create value through competency, consistency, and commitment. Part of that commitment is the commitment we have to our surrounding communities. St. Cloud Shines is a wonderful online resource for employers, employees, residents, and anybody wanting to learn more about what St. Cloud has to offer; and we whole-heartedly believe our community is amazing!”

Good for Growth

Musech continued, “Central Minnesota has something to offer everybody. From the arts, to nature, awesome restaurants and breweries, a reputable health system, multiple post-secondary education options, and a wide array of businesses of all sizes. We enjoy being centrally located in the state and feel it helps position us nicely from a recruitment and new talent perspective.”

“Central MN has supported and welcomed PCI with open arms since our beginning. We love seeing the community who as always supported us, continue to flourish and grow. While we love seeing the community grow in population from a recruitment standpoint, it is even more important to attract individuals and families of all ages to our community to help ensure that we keep “St. Cloud Shining,” Musech added.

Central Minnesota has individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, and at PCI, that is what we love.

On the Horizon

In terms of the next 40+ years in business, PCI values and is committed to diversity and inclusion. Musech said, “As our community continues to grow, we feel fortunate to be able to attract talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds and life/work experiences. A growing community further supports the stability that PCI brings to it’s employees, customers. and clients.”

“Central Minnesota has individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, and at PCI that is what we love. We have a diverse work population and we’re very proud to be a recipient of the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce Diversity Award. We are a workplace that fosters appreciation, growth, diversity, and inclusiveness. We strive to be a relationship-driven company by building a community of positivity driven by the people we hire,” Musech concluded.

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