Bremer Bank Rooted in Minnesota

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Cultivating Thriving Communities Since 1943

Bremer Bank is one year away from its 80th year in business and has helped countless businesses and individuals across Central Minnesota through its service offerings of banking, mortgage, investment, wealth management, trust, and insurance. Bremer’s industry focus on agriculture, commercial, and manufacturing sectors also extends into North Dakota and Wisconsin.


As a founding member, Bremer has seen the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation and St. Cloud Shines do a great job in terms of economic development, engaging leaders, expanding talent, promoting the area, and advocating for businesses on their most pressing needs. The bank looks forward to helping shape the future of the area — together. 

St. Cloud and the surrounding area is vibrant, diverse, and growing. It is a great environment to grow a business and raise a family. The education system is also very strong and engaged in the success of the community. And there are career opportunities for all types of workers, with plenty of room for them to grow their skills.

The Cultivation Equation  

Thad Olsen, a business banker with Bremer based in St. Cloud, talked about how Bremer is defined by its purpose — cultivating thriving communities. Olsen said, “Bremer employees live that purpose every day, and that means everyone is focused on the long-term needs and goals of their customers. Bremer believes we are successful when our customers are successful.”

He continued, “Cultivating thriving communities also means growing the places we call home by giving back. We’re proud supporters of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the United Way, and Farm Rescue. Bremer takes an active role in these partnerships and is always looking for ways to help.”

St. Cloud is one of the communities Bremer calls home, which is why they felt it was so important to be a GSDC founding member to help this community grow. Moving forward, Bremer is excited to reinvest in the downtown area with a new building slated to open next year in the former city hall location. This new space will allow the company to modernize its approach to serving customers while staying true to its purpose of cultivating a thriving community in St. Cloud.

Humble Beginnings 

Bremer’s founder, Otto Bremer, believed that when businesses and communities succeed, everyone else succeeds. Otto was a German immigrant who came to Minnesota in 1886 seeking opportunities for a good life. As he grew his business, he never forgot the strengths and hardships of the rural and immigrant experience. He believed that people could survive and flourish if they had help at critical times. 

Since 1943, the organization has carried those ideals forward. Just like Otto believed it was his calling to help support his neighbors, the Bremer Bank of today is focused on supporting people throughout the communities they serve. 

People & Places

Bremer is excited that St. Cloud and surrounding areas are both growing and becoming more diverse. They believe in the notion that our communities are richer through diversity, and also believe in the strength that comes when everyone has an opportunity to thrive. These beliefs are reflected in Bremer’s recent Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, and racial equity action plan.

Olsen added, “As Bremer continues to serve St. Cloud and Central Minnesota, we are committed to continuing to support residents of all backgrounds. This is what cultivating thriving communities looks like.”

Bremer has roots in Minnesota, with a long and rich history of supporting the agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing sectors in this state, as well as North Dakota and Wisconsin. 

When Bremer looks for new team members, it desires people who both understand and appreciate this history. They are proud to help grow this region, and Bremer employees share in that pride every day.

“This region is the heart of the state, and we can feel the love that residents have for their communities and for each other.”—Thad Olsen, Bremer Bank

Olsen concluded, “Bremer also looks for people who believe, like the brand does, that we’re all stronger through diversity and are committed to working elbow-to-elbow with neighbors from all backgrounds. In Central Minnesota, there is no shortage of people who check these boxes. This region is the heart of the state, and we can feel the love that residents have for their communities and for each other. These are the people we want on the Bremer team.”

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