Welder Tier 1 · St Cloud, Minnesota Department Tier 1 Employment Type CBA Minimum Experience Entry-level Primary Objective of Position: To operate or tend welding machines that join or bond together components to fabricate products and assemblies, according to specifications and blueprints. Specifically aluminum, stainless steel and other industry used alloys. Major Areas of Accountability: - Weld Product – Operate or tend welding machines that join or bond together components to fabricate products and assemblies. Turns and presses knobs and buttons to adjust and start welding machines. Positions and adjusts fixtures, attachments, or work pieces using hand tools and measuring devices. - Welding Equipment – Observes and listens to welding machines and controls to insure welding process meets specifications. Watches gauges, dials, and other indicators to make sure machines are working properly. - Product Handling – Transfers components, metal products, and assemblies, using moving equipment. - Follows Written Processes – Uses written process and determines the kind of tools and equipment to do the job. - Problem Solving – Uses mathematics to solve issues. Performs routine maintenance on equipment and determines when and what maintenance is needed. - Production schedule – Reads and follows production schedule in order to complete jobs on time. - Site Safety – Performs work following all safety rules, insuring safety guards are in place on all machines. Performs job in a safe manor following established work rules. Attends and participates in safety meetings. - Maintains Assigned Functions – Maintains assigned production functions in a quality manner consistent with Electrical Builders Inc. standards. Assists in assuring that appropriate materials, equipment, tooling and supplies are available and maintained; assures good housekeeping practices and protection of vehicles, equipment, work surfaces, tools and work areas. In addition, brings up to foreman work requests for repairs and maintenance of equipment and recommends new tooling and fixtures. - Production Equipment – Operates and assists in the training of others on Electrical Builders, Inc. prints and production equipment such as; welders, sanders, cut off saws, grinders, moving equipment, etc. - Inventory and Care of Equipment and Cleanliness – Assists in keeping an accurate inventory of all equipment/tools used on the job and properly secures these items. Exercises proper care of Electrical Builders, Inc. equipment and assures all site areas are maintained in a clean, neat and orderly manner. - Process Improvement – Supports the effort of total quality and process improvement by recommending methods, equipment, techniques and other changes to improve operations. Assists the Operation Manager in the writing of work instructions and identifies any fixture or tooling needs. Is proactive in documentation and control of processes. - Quality Functions – Performs quality functions, such as, inspections of site work using a variety of inspection devices, workmanship standards, and hand held measuring equipment. Completes operator self-inspection, records and needed data. - Apparent of Assigned – Performs any other work as apparent or assigned. Qualifications for Entry: - Ability to become certified in accordance with the company’s welding procedures - Demonstrated knowledge of raw materials, welding processes, quality control, costs and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacturing of goods. - Demonstrative ability to read and write processes. - Physical ability to independently lift, carry or maneuver up to 60 pounds. - Demonstrated ability to communicate (verbal/written) effectively with customers, suppliers and employees. - Demonstrative ability to work in a cooperative and team oriented environment. - Demonstrative ability to use computers and shop reference manuals. - Demonstrative knowledge of blue print reading. - Available and open to extensive overnight travel as deemed necessary. Training for Effective Performance: - Demonstrated ability to use hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning, and moving materials, and manipulating things. - Demonstrated ability to monitor and review materials information, events, and the environment in order to detect and assess issues. - Demonstrated ability to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials. - Demonstrated ability to service, repairs, adjust, and test machines, devices, moving parts, and equipment that operate welding equipment. - Demonstrated ability to work outside for extended periods of time. - Demonstrated ability to stand for extended periods of time. - Demonstrated ability to assure both site and employee safety - Demonstrated ability to meet production schedule - Demonstrated ability to be involved in process and product improvements - General knowledge of company policies and procedures - General knowledge of product line and quality commitment - Demonstrative ability to use good communication and organizational skills in order to insure a high CSL (customer service level) - Demonstrated ability to maintain site areas and equipment security. - Maintain and submit a daily or weekly activities log.
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