JOB SUMMARY: Provides superior maintenance to interior and exterior of restaurant timely and accurately. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: - Demonstrates sanitation and food safety practices consistently. - Checks over restaurant from previous close to ensure a safe and secure environment. - Completes daily jobs timely and accurately. - Completes weekly jobs timely and accurately. - Completes monthly jobs timely and accurately. - Maintains the appearance of the building exterior and grounds effectively, including landscaping and snow removal. - Follows company safety standards at all times and looks out for the safety of other team members and guests. - Coordinates job duties around other opening team members to help ensure efficient preparation for opening. - Puts food order away accurately, rotates stock in cooler, freezer and dry storage area using the First In-First Out method while monitoring shelf life and code dates. - Takes temperatures of required foods upon delivery accurately, providing documentation on the Quality Control/Safe Food Checklist. - Puts food order away accurately, ensuring proper stock rotation. - Maintains a basic working knowledge of the operation of all the equipment in the restaurant. - Completes scheduled maintenance on all restaurant equipment safely and correctly. - Duties completed by 10:30 to be ready to work in the kitchen during the lunch shift. - Reports possible areas of incomplete closing to opening manager. - Completes other miscellaneous tasks as assigned by the manager on duty. QUALIFICATIONS - Flexible schedule - Reading and writing skills required - Communicates with guests, team and management - Maintains a sense of urgency - Demonstrates trained food safety knowledge - Climb up and down a ladder to a height of 25 feet - Sweep, mop and scrub using hazardous materials - Work independently without supervision - Reach, bend and clean surfaces regularly - Work frequently in hot, cold and damp environments - Works both in and outdoors each 50 percent of the time - Work safely to avoid hazards including but are not limited to: cuts, slipping, tripping, falls and burns PHYSICAL ABILITIES - Stand Constantly - Walk Constantly - Sit Occasionally - Handling Constantly - Lift / carry 10 lbs or less Constantly - Lift / carry 11-20 lbs Constantly - Lift / carry 21-50 lbs Frequently - Lift / carry 51-100 lbs Frequently
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