The Department of Life Safety Services at Saint John's University invites applications for a full-time, benefit-eligible Life Safety Officer position. Typical work shift 10:00pm - 8:00am with rotating weekends. Life Safety Services provides security services as well as emergency response to the Saint John's campus including Saint John's Preparatory School, The Liturgical Press, Saint John's University, and Saint John's Abbey. Responsibilities: Under the direct supervision of the Director and Sergeants, this position is responsible for patrolling campus areas as assigned and attend to matters of security (law enforcement), traffic control, and general health and safety of all members of the Saint John's community. The primary responsibility of Life Safety Services is to enhance the living learning environment through the establishment of security and safety for the residents of the campus community. The 10 full-time and 10 part-time staff members are educators who play a critical role in developing responsibility and accountability in students. As professionals specializing in problems such as alcohol, theft, sexual assault and other real life issues they seek not only to react to problems after they occur, but to be proactive in their prevention. Responsibilities: Patrol of buildings and grounds, on foot, bicycle or motor vehicle, as defined and assigned by Director or authority in charge, for the purpose of security, safety and order. Provide assistance to guests, students, employees, members of the monastic community and officers of the corporation when requested or authorized to do so by current regulations and policies of the department, or corporation. Provide traffic and crowd control duties at campus events as assigned. Provide emergency assistance and protection where needed and authorized. Respond to all fire calls, medical emergencies, traffic caused incidents, breaches of security, criminal complaints and calls for assistance to provide aid and assistance is requested or needed as authorized by policies of the department or corporation. Be responsible for reporting hazardous conditions and potential fire problems. Responsible for the enforcement of vehicular traffic and parking regulations. Investigate and report all traffic caused accidents to proper authorities as directed by departmental policies. Be responsible for the accuracy and preparation of required departmental reports and records. Attend all required meetings and training sessions called by departmental or corporate authorities. Testify as required at judicial proceedings called by proper authorities including, but not limited to State, County and local court authorities, and University authorized investigations or hearings. Responsible for supervision of student officers. Maintain uniform and equipment as prescribed by departmental regulations. May be required to occasionally work as a dispatcher. Please apply online at Saint John's University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
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