Garden Team Member *Currently accepting applications for the 2022 season.* The garden team consists of live-in volunteers who hold the stewardship of a thriving biodynamic garden. They are responsible for the production of vegetables for the community while working side-by-side with people who have a range of abilities to create a human, therapeutic working environment. Our community is located on 525 acres in the diverse landscapes of Central Minnesota. In addition to our garden, our farm is home to 20 beef young stock, 10 beef brood, 2 dairy cows, and 60 laying hens. The two-acre garden provides enough vegetables for fresh eating and winter storage for the community to eat year-round. It is the responsibility of the garden team to work with the community to determine the size of production based on a balance between the skills of the garden team, the needs of the community and the other financial, human and land resources that are currently available. During the growing season, the garden is a core workplace in our community. We are looking for someone wants to work towards making real change in the relationship between humanity and the earth. Responsibilities: - Manage 2 acres of biodynamically grown vegetables - Work alongside crews of 4-8 people who have a range of abilities - Develop a garden plan with the community based on needs and resources - Complete state-mandated and Camphill specific training - Work 5-6 days per week for varied hours Qualifications: - Vegetable production experience - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Ability to lift 50+ lbs - Ability to set goals and make an assessment of successes and how to better achieve goals in the next growing season - Experience with tractor and equipment operation and maintenance preferred - Commitment to biodynamic methods Apply
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