POSTING #: 2487 nThe Sauk Rapids-Rice Public School District No. 47 is seeking an experienced and innovative leader to become the assistant lead custodian of the evening custodial department at Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. Located in Sauk Rapids, MN, minutes from downtown St. Cloud and approximately an hour northwest of the Twin Cities, Sauk Rapids-Rice High School is located in rural area of Sauk Rapids, and provides quality programs to approximately 1400+ students. n n Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools believe in: n - A culture of continuous learning and growth in a caring, collaborative and supportive environment n - Effective partnerships between students, staff, families and community members n - An inclusive, safe, caring and stimulating learning environment that promotes shared responsibility for performance and innovation n - Effective and ongoing communication with and outreach to students, staff, families and community members n - Transparency and good stewardship of resources n n WORK HOURS: n8 hours per day, 3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Monday through Friday; year round position n n JOB DUTIES: n- Manage and supervise the middle school building evening custodial staff. n- Promote teamwork through efficient and equitable scheduling, supportive monitoring and ongoing evaluation of staff. n- Delegate daily work assignments for evening staff, including cleaning schedules, special assignments, and after school / community events. n- Organize, manage, and assist in setup and tear down of equipment and supplies needed for all events. n- Maintain energy management, lighting, and sprinkler systems, as well as, athletic fields, parking lots, and sidewalks. n- Assess and respond to daily facility, equipment, and cleanliness issues professionally and as efficiently as possible. n- In coordination with the High School Head Custodian, monitor and handle general repair of plumbing, electrical, air handler and air conditioner units. nThis includes performing minor repair, assisting outside contractors for major repairs, maintenance, and installation of equipment and facility needs. n-Assist the High School Head Custodian in ensuring that all safety equipment is intact and functional, including, but not limited to boilers, eyewash stations, emergency lights, fire alarm systems, exit lights and fire extinguishers. n- Ensure the maintenance of a safe egress to the building in inclement weather, including plowing, shoveling and disseminating salt/sand products on the sidewalks in accordance with school/district practice. n- Clean classrooms, common areas, hallways and bathrooms (includes, but not limited to vacuuming, removing garbage, shampooing carpets, scrubbing floors, and seasonal strip/waxing, etc.) n- Communicate openly and honestly with supervisors and subordinates to maintain good relations and ensure your needs, as well as the needs of students, staff, and community are met. n- Maintain licensures (i.e. boiler) and provide appropriate services to meet facility needs. n n QUALIFICATIONS: nMust possess or be willing to obtain a Minnesota Special or 2 nd Class, Boiler's License. n n Must possess: n- Minnesota Driver's License n- Clean driving record n- High school diploma or equivalent n n Must have ability, knowledge and know-how of the following: n- General cleaning standards and practices n- Hot water heating n- Chiller systems n- EMS systems n- Fire and control panels n- Air handlers n- Electrical n- Plumbing n- Hand and power tools n- Grounds keeping/maintenance n- Operating grounds machinery (i.e. plow trucks, lawn mowers, front end loaders, bobcats, etc.) n- Outstanding candidates will be: n- An effective communicator (written and verbal) n- Able to provide leadership and promote teamwork within the department n- A thoughtful, deliberate, and fair decision-maker n- A creative problem solver with extraordinary relationship skills n- Comfortable with ever changing technology and systems n- Motivating and positive with staff and community n- Service orientated n- Innovative, proactive, and have the vision to move the department forward n- An organized, multi-tasker with the ability to prioritize responsibilities n- A delegator who provides opportunity for all staff to learn n- Personable, approachable and dependable n n SALARY: nBased on the Custodial Contract Level VII, Step 1 at $19.82 per hour. n n DEADLINE: nApplications accepted online at until filled. n n NOTE: n Candidates must pass a pre-employment physical and criminal background check in order to be eligible for employment. " }
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