Job Description Chick-fil-A Crossroads Center is seeking a Kitchen Director to complete their Senior Leadership team who has the ability to own and oversee the entire back of house team and operation. This leader will provide operational oversight and strong leadership to the entire back of house staff, including 3-4 assistant directors and 30+ team members. The ultimate goal for this person is to work alongside the Owner/Operator and leadership team to play a key role in growing the business. They will spend their time in the restaurant operations alongside the team, in people development, and in systems integration. The right leader will share a passion for both relationships and results. Long-term, this individual will have the opportunity to continue to serve as a top leader in an even larger capacity like helping pursue another franchise location or even pursuing becoming an Owner/ Operator themselves through Chick-fil-A Corporate! POSITION KEY RESPONSIBILITIES - Own and oversee entire back of house operations - Care for and oversee the business, people, and metrics - Create systems that produce desired results - Hold back of house staff accountable to Chick-fil-A standards - Maintain operational excellence in all areas - Create a positive atmosphere for staff and guests - Create positive rapport with staff; a strong balance of relationships and results - Meet regularly with the Operator for development Additional Information Health Benefits, PTO Qualifications - Bachelors Degree Preferred - 2-3+ years of management and/or leadership experience; restaurant experience is a plus - Experience developing teams and systems - Experience leading and working in a fast paced environment - Possesses company values: Optimistic Warmth, Growth Mindset, Worth Ethic, Integrity, and Self Awareness - Demonstrates humility; willingness to complete tasks that may seem beneath them - Demonstrates a care for people and a desire to build relationships - Possesses a firm understanding of how metrics drive the business; strong business acumen
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