Shines Story: Eternal Rainbows

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Prisms are used both literally and figuratively to show how to direct and disperse a beam of light. When a Central MN family was in the process of healing and bonding as a family, this symbolism was a natural fit. “An important message in our family is ‘Be the Light’ so we wanted to be able to incorporate that without necessarily using those words. For us, the meaning is multi-faceted, just like the prisms. But it also represents a never-ending reflection of love and hope; our Isaiah’s light emulated the best we can. If we can take a small amount of light – whatever we have – and multiply and disperse it, giving it beauty, hope, and bringing joy to someone who needs it, that seems like endless happiness – or Eternal Rainbows to us.”

Eternal Rainbow‘s mission is to embrace everyone’s inner light and make it shine even brighter through the power of giving. Each prism suncatcher is handmade by the Moorefield family. “These are made in remembrance of our ‘light lost’, Isaiah Moorefield. Isaiah, like many of us, struggled with depression. He lost his battle by suicide at the age of 19, in July 2018.” His light now being shared and spread by his family – in an effort to bring hope and light to others.

Rachel Moorefield - Eternal Rainbows“Our business actually started as a craft project this last summer for my husband Steve and I, and our two daughters Bella (11) and Myley (9). It was a hobby for us to do as a family, it was a time to bond, reflect, and heal as a family from the loss of our son, Isaiah. Through this time together, we found it to be a way for us to instill good values in our daughters while showing them strength and empathy … We are a family business doing our best with what has been handed to us. It’s important to us that we share Isaiah’s light with others and to let them know they matter, and they are not alone. And we’re also doing all of this to continue to instill strong moral values in our daughters and help them grow into strong confident and capable young ladies. We want to show others that they too have a light within.”

During the height of the COVID19 pandemic, the Moorefields found a way to spread their love and light. For each suncatcher purchased from Eternal Rainbows, one is donated to a COVID19 patient in a participating hospital or COVID19 care facility. “We knew what it was like to be “socially distant” already through our grieving but knew this was a new feeling of loneliness for many others. COVID19 seemed to have dimmed the world. After losing Isaiah we have found that part of our healing comes from wanting to help others, and that feeling of helplessness COVID19 further gave us, drove us to take our hobby and turn it into a business focused on bringing light to others who may need it. We officially started Eternal Rainbows in November 2020.”

Eternal Rainbows - Moorefield family holding suncatchers

The name didn’t just come from the beautiful sun-beamed rainbows these prisms create. “The name Eternal Rainbows was picked by our daughters, Bella and Myley, during a family brainstorming session over dinner. To be honest, the name just kind of fell out of our mouths together and we knew it was perfect.”

Rachel was born and raised in Central MN; her husband Steve was born in Portsmouth Virginia and moved to this area as a child after evacuating from Hurricane Hugo. “The two of us started our relationship together as high school sweethearts. We have lived, worked, and raised our children in this area. As a couple, we have always joked and toyed that we were going to move somewhere with a warmer climate, somewhere tropical. We find though that our family and community ties have always kept us here. Making memories is important and there are a lot of happy family memories for us here.” The greater Central MN community – Rice, Sauk Rapids, Sartell, St. Cloud – to name a few, have all played a role in what is ‘home’ for the Moorefield’s.

Eternal Rainbows - Suncatchers“Yes, it feels good to be able to do something for us – but having others say our son’s name, share his and our stories, or even get help because of it… that is where our passion comes from. It is a true gift to us, his parents, who are grieving … We have found a way for us to be able to help move forward with our son while helping others through his light. A way for all three of our children to ‘Be the Light.’ We want to continue to grow our business and eventually turn this from a part-time project for Steve and me, into a full-time mission and career.”

Eternal Rainbows is continuing to run their COVID19 suncatcher promotion (buy one – give one). If you are a hospital or care facility representative, you can reach out to apply and receive suncatchers for COVID19 patients, too. Along with suncatchers, they are also selling a Be the Light face mask on their website – and if you’re looking for a way to be involved, there’s an option to donate. #StCloudShines.

Eternal Rainbows - The Moorefield family

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