Shines Stories: New Heritage Feed Co.

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Sandy Hansen-Wolff’s passion for all-natural alternatives to traditional medications began decades ago when she witnessed the harsh effects of chemicals and drugs used for her late husband’s cancer treatments. She wondered if there were other natural solutions that could offer similar results without the harsh side effects of chemicals and strong medicines. Through research and her own personal use of essential oils and other natural remedies, Sandy discovered what others have known since ancient times: essential oils support immunity and other functions of the body, creating a natural way for humans and animals to get healthy and stay healthy. With a desire to bring these amazing benefits to the world of animal feed, she worked with professionals, nutritionists, and milling partners to create American-made, all-natural, and organic feed lines that boost health naturally. So, New Heritage Feed Company was born.

Sandy Hansen-Wolff - New Heritage Feed Co“I was inspired to build a brand that brought us back to our heritage of how our foremothers and forefathers tended to their land and animals. I also saw the need to build an animal food product line that more closely aligned to how humans ate for wellness and health. We take already high nutrition feed products and incorporate a proven blend of essential oils and other health-enhanced ingredients to create an animal superfood product line.”

Farming and agriculture have been core to Sandy’s life from an early age. “I grew up on a farm in the Albany area… I often thought about going off to college or finding a career in another part of the country. However, I realized that family and home are most important – above my career path. Also, I realized I can hop on a plane and travel anywhere in the world. Central Minnesota is home.” She now lives on Koetter Lake near Richmond with her husband Terry and two stepdaughters, Holly and Hannah.

Sandy is what some might call a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has started and/or ran a number of businesses over the last several years. But that didn’t make the onset of New Heritage Feed Co. any less thrilling for her. “I never thought I’d be building an entirely new company with many product offerings. This was my first run at my own product development and, although complicated to get a new feed line to market,  it’s extremely rewarding to see my own product lines in stores. After running a larger company for almost two decades, building a startup from ground zero is challenging in finding the right talent, funding, and resources to execute quickly and with the right direction. Seeing my idea go from a crazy thought I had during a weekend retreat where my main goal was to figure out a future direction for my company into what it is today is so exciting. Although we are now moving from startup to scale up, it’s rewarding to hear testimonials of so many people who see the improved wellness in their animals.”

Chickens by feed bag - New Heritage Feed Co

When you talk with Sandy, her passion for both life and agribusiness is evident — but so is her love for this community. “St. Cloud is rich in agribusiness and the opportunities keep growing. Central Minnesota has a lot of very successful and large agribusiness ecosystems. Sandy Hansen-Wolff - New Heritage Feed CoThere is a lot more business that could be done in even closer partnerships with many other businesses in the area. New Heritage Feed Co. is just one example of a company started in Central Minnesota that grows beyond our borders. We are focused on sustainability, fair governance, and stabilizing our environment as core concepts within our value chain. While we sell feed online and are working with large sellers like Amazon and Chewy, we wanted local access to New Heritage Feed, too; look for us at Heim Milling, Mimbach Fleet, Sunrise Ag in Buckman, Bjerga’s Feed Store in Little Falls, and Brainerd and Cold Spring Co-op. We have many loyal customers in local communities who continue to love our New Heritage products and buy our feed.”

Though New Heritage Feed might be new to you, Sandy’s name and face may not be. She’s won several awards locally and nationally, including St. Cloud Times 5 Under 40. “I love to share my story by speaking and presenting at business events or leadership development conferences; inspiring others and finding an aligned career path provides a lifestyle of joy and flourishing. This passion is why I also started my other company where I use what I’ve learned to help other leaders out of overwhelm, frustration, and burnout and into clarity, renewed strategy, and higher profits. The intersection of my two businesses is magic for my life!”


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