Shines Stories: A&G Corn Maize

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Sure, this time of year means all-things-pumpkin… but don’t forget that we’re in the midwest, and fall means all things corn, during harvest, too! And prepping for its 11th season, A&G Corn Maize in St. Joe is looking forward to Friday, September 24th – 2021 Opening Day.

Jessie Welsh - A&G Corn MazeJessie Welsh opened A&G Corn Maize in the fall of 2010 and continues to operate the seasonal business every autumn. “I had the idea to start A&G Corn Maize the year I lost my father to cancer. He gave me my entrepreneurial spirit and inspired this city girl, who fell in love with country life, to create something fun and family-oriented – so here we are. The name A&G was inspired by the first letters of my children’s names, Akeelah and Gavin.”

Though she hasn’t lived in Central MN her whole life, after moving to the area during her high school years, she fell in love and stuck around. “I’ve enjoyed this area watching my children grow up here, follow their passions, and have great community support. I’ve enjoyed this area watching my children grow up here, follow their passions here, and have great community support.”

Corn - A&G Corn MazeWondering how the maze works? You work as a group to navigate through the corn maze utilizing only 10 trivia questions as a fun tool to guide you. There are two mazes — a shorter, beginner maze that takes 15-20 minutes as well as a more challenging ‘Phase 2 Maize’ that takes around 45 minutes to finish.

But don’t let the name fool you, A&G is MUCH more than a corn maze – and there’s sure to be something for all ages and interests (Jessie has made sure of it!). “We like to offer fun for ALL ages. We strive to offer activities that everyone from the youngest in the family all the way up to the grandparents in the family will enjoy themselves. Our newest addition has been the Giant Jumping Pillow – which has been a very well-received addition to the farm. Many people have never seen one of these before. I describe it as a cross between a bounce castle and a trampoline that is secured in the ground. It definitely brings the kid out in all of us! You’ll also find fun games like human foosball, giant hamster wheel races, a corn pit, and more.”

Country Store - A&G Corn MazeA&G is rooted in family, inspired by family, and continues to be passionate about family fun. And when Jessie sees families grow and visit year after year, her seasonal business is especially rewarding. “I remember the first year I opened and was very nervous wondering how this [the business] will be received. Then I got my confirmation. A Mom was telling me how much fun she and her family had here, enjoying themselves on this beautiful fall day. She said she was so mad she “just found out about A&G Corn Maize.” I shared this was the first year A&G Corn Maize was in business. She was happy – and relieved – and said she will be bringing her family back every fall, and she has. It has been such a joy to watch kids grow into adults and bring their new families to create fun fall memories together.”

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening or weekend – whether it’s with kids, coworkers, a team, or family – A&G Corn Maize is the place! From the fresh air to fun games, to the gourmet concession stand and pumpkin patch, you’ll leave happy and tired. “It is a pleasure to be a part of the business community in Central MN. The amazing talents that bring us all together to create amazing experiences is truly inspiring.”


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