Shines Stories: Adventure Coffee

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Adventure: noun \ ad·​ven·​ture | \ əd-ˈven-chər \ an exciting or remarkable experience. I don’t know about you, but I love when my cup of coffee is both exciting AND remarkable. Inspired by and for adventure – that’s why Ryan and Sharon Voeller started Adventure Coffee – a mobile coffee truck. Ryan Voeller - Adventure Coffee“We started it to bring the best people and the best coffee together into their natural habitats – where they belong. So many of us get caught up at work or city life … our goal is to get people away from their screens and share adventures with coffee, together, outside in fresh air. That feeling increases happiness and productivity. Win-win.”

Great coffee, made accessible, meant to be shared and enjoyed. The story could end there because that in itself gives you the warm fuzzies. But there’s more to the story and we’re glad Ryan indulged us.

“It started on my first solo ascent up the Grand Tetons when I got hooked to the beauty of nature and how revitalizing it is – the early morning and fresh air. It grew into building my adventure camper van for quick and efficient travels up many more big climbs and adventures. The only thing I was missing was a really good cup of coffee. Soon, I began roasting and brewing while traveling and climbing technical peaks. I enjoyed sharing coffee and it became a sort of ritual amongst my friends. I wanted to expand this and share the combined experience of nature and coffee… so I made a truck that’s a version of that.”

The partnership between Adventure Coffee and Fitzharris Ski & Sport is a natural one for Ryan – but they partner with many local businesses including Backwards Bread and nonprofits, too. And community and common support are big for Ryan. “We want to ensure we have a great, quality product and help others share moments of happiness with us. I think our community is great and we have some others to recommend if you can’t find us out and about: Backwards Bread (best Euro-style pastries in the area), Jules Bistro, Kinder Coffee (Roaster), Community Coffee Cart (Mobile Coffee), Local Blend in St Joe, the Cold Press in Cold Spring… there’s so many of us all doing really awesome things in the coffee game.”

Adventure Coffee in CupBuilding their business in Central MN was very intentional for many reasons. “I didn’t stay here after college, but I came back. Why? Family. This is a wonderful place to raise a family; it’s affordable compared to other places and honestly one of the coolest places to enjoy all seasons of nature. People here are so supportive of one another and really make me feel welcomed and safe.”

What many don’t know about Adventure Coffee, though, is the good they’re doing with the money they make. “We donate to the MN Climbers Association, as we believe it contributes to self-healing and gets people outside. As a Veteran myself, wounded physically and mentally in combat operations, I can’t stress enough how important nature therapy really is and how well it applies in processing our emotions with clarity.”

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, an adventure-like experience, or to thank Ryan for his service to our country – find Adventure Coffee! “Find us on social media or check our locations online. We have some things coming up where we want to help others, so stay tuned for that. We’re also searching to build collaborations with experienced, outdoorsy guide services or outfitters, Yogis, modern healers, and anyone else that shares a passion like us. Please send us an email or call if our goals align with you.”



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