The Warehouse Worker production position will perform the following duties: - Perform functions of printing pizza boxes. Which includes operating equipment to paint boxes, wrap & seal boxes, quality checks, labeling and stacking of pallets. - Works in conjunction with other crew members as a team to print boxes to meet daily schedule of what product needs to be produced and maintain productivity standards. - Monitors quality of paint and packaging to meet customers' expectation and maintain customer satisfaction. - Review work schedule, perform safety check on equipment, obtain supplies required to perform the work and prepare for operations. - Obtain work schedule and daily production paperwork and prepare for operations. - Put on all Personal Protective Equipment and safety gear. - Perform daily safety check of the assigned forklift in accordance with company policy. - Coordinate and/or unload and transport items to staging areas in appropriate warehouse with forklift while ensuring safety regulations, procedures and quality standards are met. • High School Diploma or Equivalent • Must be able to work the scheduled, assigned times and required overtime for the position • Able to stand, walk, reach and lift repeatedly throughout shift • Able to lift, stack, and/or pull products off shelves, as well as replenish product, from various heights weighing between 10-35 pounds and generally up to between approximately 60 and 90 pounds, depending on the location, throughout shift • Able to work in multi-temperature environments, i.e. cooler, freezer and dry • Pass pre-employment drug test
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