Job Description Job Description We are looking for someone that... - Cares for others and will do what is best for the client. - Will plug into our system of training and support. - Is willing to make a few dials to set in home appointments with each client. - A person that is dream driven to provide something great for themselves and an amazing life for their family. Click to apply to be emailed a brief video you must watch then text me the mentioned code phrase to set up an interview Hi my name is Casey Wood I am an Executive Manager with Equis Financial. I found Equis in mid 2016 and since then I have made over $735,000! I have a Team of over 40 agents that are spread out across the country. Some of them are working a full time job and running appointments part time and making $500 - $1000 a week. Most of the agents are working around 25 hours a week and making a good income of $2000 - $3500 a week. What is this? There are only a handful of A rated companies that do not only pay out when the client passes, but also are going to allow the client to reach into their policy and take the money out to be used while they are alive!!!! The clients can access 80% - 100% of the funds out of their policy while they are alive if they have a... - Critical Illness --- Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Organ Transplant, Kidney Failure, ALS - Disability --- Needing help with at least 2 out of 6 Activities of Daily Living. Eating, Bathing, Getting Dressed, Toileting, Transferring, and Continence - Terminal Illness --- Has a life expectancy of less than 12 or 24 months depending on the company *Key Fact: Over 80% of America is going to have a Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, or Disability by age 65-70 for which most of them will live threw it and be financially strained with medical bills and are unable to work and pay their bills. What we do: We Sell Insurance and Teach Others To Sell Insurance - We help others achieve financial independence by providing an opportunity to build a business with a focus on a sustainable and residual income, - This is a sales position with unlimited potential! - There is NO cold calling as these clients have sent in this request for the policy. - We offer a revolutionary type of life insurance called living benefit life insurance that offers access to your death benefit without having to die. This new type of life insurance is the industries best kept secret and practically sells itself. - We work exclusively with ALL of the top rated carriers that offer the living benefit life such as Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica, Foresters Financial, Americo, GPM, CFG, and many others . Only a small handful of companies offer these products and we partner with most of them. Training: All New Agents are trained by me Casey Wood. I will take you threw a easy to follow 7 step guide to ensure you are as prepared as possible before speaking to a client. Compensation : - The average advanced commission an agent receives on each sale will start out being between $500 - $600. - Putting in 15 - 30 hours a week each agent is making $500 - $2,500+ per week - Compensation comes directly from the insurance carriers as a direct deposit to your bank account. Must Haves: - Clean criminal background - Must live in the United States - Must be 25 years or older Click to apply to be emailed a brief video. Thanks
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