POSTING #2230 n n JOB DUTIES: n - Assist student(s) in the classroom, in the lunchroom or on the playground n - Supervise student(s) to ensure safety n n n QUALIFICATIONS: n - Good communication skills n - Ability to interact positively with students and staff n - Experience dealing with children of all ability levels n - Must be able to lift, push or pull a minimum of 50 pounds n - Must be able to interact with students while standing, sitting on chair and sitting on floor n - Must be able to react quickly to students changing needs n n n SALARY: nNoon Hour (Lunchroom and Playground).$12.25 nChild Care/Family Literacy/ECFE.$12.68 nTransportation.$15.50 nInstructional/Instructional Technology/Health/Special Education/Title I/ECSE.......$15.00 n n REQUIREMENTS: n - Complete online application n - Upload valid Minnesota Teaching License to your application n - Complete Virtual Substitute Orientation (will be email upon submission of application) n - Complete Criminal Background Check (CBC) by clicking here - In the "Position Applied for" field enter "Teacher Sub" n - The CBC fee is $28.00 (Out state searches subject to additional fees per state requirements and will be billed separately). n - NOTE: Candidates must pass a criminal background check in order to be eligible for employment. n n n - Complete Network Resources Agreement form by clicking here n - Complete Federal, State and District required forms (provided via online packet after completion of Virtual Orientation) n - Verification of documents to complete the I-9 form (directions will be emailed on with Virtual Orientation information) - Driver's license AND social security card/birth certificate n - Passport n n n nQuestions can be directed to ." }
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