The incumbent is responsible for the professional and administrative management of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Mental Health Intensive Case Management (MHICM) and Psychological Recovery and Rehabilitation Center/Building Bridges (PRRC). The incumbent coordinates VA programs with services available in the community and ensures that high quality outpatient-based treatment programs/services remain consistent with the evolving health care needs of the total veteran patient population. Major duties include, but are not limited to the following: The incumbent completes administrative and programmatic functions and responsibilities at least 90% of the time and may assume some clinical responsibilities as needed for the programs that are supervised. The incumbent is directly responsible for the success of all direct patient care programs and support activities provided by the above programs. The incumbent monitors accomplishment of established program goals and objectives, periodically evaluates and when necessary modifies such goals and objectives. The incumbent has significant personnel management responsibilities and is the direct supervisor for 17.48 FTE. The incumbent must coordinate the day-to-day functioning of staff from a wide range of professional disciplines that includes social workers, psychologists, psychiatry, vocational rehabilitation specialists, nurses, peer supports and program support assistants. This work requires great sensitivity to the various perspectives that these different professionals will offer and blending these views into an effective organizational and treatment milieu In fulfillment of assigned responsibilities, the incumbent must have the ability to accomplish the following: Independently plan work to be accomplished, set priorities and establish schedules or accomplishments of work assigned, and meet multiple deadlines Knowledge of supervisory duties which includes clinical supervision, consultation, negotiation with other departments and quality improvement. Delegate authority, manage priorities, coordinate work and follow up on pending issues to complete duties in an accurate and timely fashion. Analyze organizational and operational problems, develop and implement solutions that result in efficient operations and use data effectively to manage workload, quality, performance and productivity Base work assignments on program priorities by giving selective consideration to the nature of the work and the capabilities of the staff. Assess the quality and quantity of work accomplished by each staff member. Hear and resolve staff concerns and complaints. As appropriate, refer group grievances and unresolved serious complaints to the MHSL Director or Associate Director. Effect, as needed, disciplinary actions and recommends action in more serious cases Identify developmental and training needs of staff members. Ability to provide and ensure appropriate access to necessary training and development opportunities. The incumbent provides personnel with authoritative advice, guidance and direction regarding current and future year therapeutic programming, program structure, resources, necessary to the efficient and effective satisfaction of current and projected demands for service. Such responsibilities require that the incumbent: Maintain awareness of local and system-wide trends in patient care demand, health care technology, and the ever growing body of knowledge drawn from the published results of clinical research. Identify necessary changes in therapeutic program mix and the potential impact of such changes on program staffing patterns. Ensure close collaboration with other VAHCS work groups/programs that may affect or be affected by program development activities. Identify current and projected resource requirements, prepares and justifies requests for essential additional resources. Ensure appropriate staff participation in professional training essential to the maintenance and expansion of clinical expertise necessary to the development of new therapeutic programs. Maintain effective lines of communication with other SCVAHCS service chiefs, top management, Headquarters program officials and other supervisory personnel regarding program development issues. Develop long and short-term program goals and objectives. Establish, request and monitor Transitional Work budget. Action plan and direct process improvements toward achieving performance metrics related to services (SAIL and other national metrics), staff productivity and quality service to Veterans. Analyze and present data required for program and performance evaluation, as well as resource allocation. - Advise the MHSL Director in the development of plans for the ongoing provision of program services The Supervisory Social Worker (Mental Health SMI Programs Manager) evaluates and reports to the MHSL Director program accomplishments in the attainment of established goals and objectives including: Develops and manages a Process Improvement (PI) program in accordance with published standards and criteria utilized by TJC and CARF. Ensures effective program participation in VAHCS quality assurance and utilization review programs. Initiates actions essential to the elimination of program deficiencies identified during evaluative processes. Work Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm Financial Disclosure Report: Not required Internal Number: 603740000
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