Description: The School Readiness Instructor conducts School Readiness (Discovery Learning) classes; develops materials and lesson plans; follows program curriculum; evaluates and assesses instructional materials and participant progress; in order to meet the goals of the School Readiness Program (Mn. Statute 124D.15) The incumbent assesses individual children's growth and development, interprets participant's changing needs, and meets with parents formally and informally to discuss their child's skills and development including how the parent can foster the child's development. The incumbent will also collaborate with, refer to and receive referrals from Early Childhood Family Education staff, Early Childhood Special Education staff and other programs and agencies in order to provide services to the child and family. Job Summary: Provides instruction for children in accordance with the overall program policies and philosophy. Provides instruction that incorporates developmentally appropriate practice, program curriculum, and program calendar. Works as a team member with other staff assigned to the class, such as: ECSE and ECFE staff. Completes class agreement on the structure and duties of all staff members for the class. Supervises and is available to help Classroom Assistants with questions or problems that may arise during the sessions. Develops and plans for the children based on their individual needs and the overall program curriculum. Is responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, learning environment and cleanup of the classrooms to ensure an effective learning environment. Requisitions supplies and equipment; recommends material to be purchased for staff resources, classrooms supplies and learning materials. Checks out and returns materials for personal use in preparing lesson plans and for use in the classrooms. Uses planning form to plan and evaluate the goals, activities and implementation of each class session. Obtains parent evaluations periodically during the year and at the end of the year. Assesses each child's individual growth and development according to the program policies and procedures. Reports to parents on their child's growth and development through conferences and other contacts. Communicates regularly with all parents about activities planned or completed in class, materials needed in class, how parents continue the learning at home through written handouts, posters and phone calls. Follows up on referrals from other community agencies, makes referrals to appropriate agencies and resources and is familiar with services provided by community resources. Assists with outreach and publicity activities to promote the School Readiness program and other early childhood programs. Keeps accurate records of attendance, visitors, conferences, and other forms and activities and necessary for program operation and reporting. Attends and provides input at staff meetings to facilitate program planning, program evaluation, curriculum implementation and smooth program operation. Is available to substitute for other SR Instructors if necessary. Welcomes, orients and utilizes classroom volunteers, especially parent volunteers so that the adult to child ratio in the classes is appropriate and parents have opportunity to observe instructor modeling interactions with children. Participates in all staff development activities and sessions. Assesses own professional growth, sets goals for continued improvement. Maintain program and participant confidentiality. Other job duties as assigned. Qualifications: Four (4) year degree with coursework in child development, psychology, human development, early childhood and/or related areas. Experience working with and or instructing children in a preschool program. Knowledge of child development, early childhood instruction and developmentally appropriate practice. Ability to plan, implement and evaluate class sessions. Ability to obser
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