Job Description Job Description Seeking a Qualified Restaurant Shift Manager in St Joseph, MN Welcome to the wonderful world of Taco John's! In our ever-evolving need of servicing the customers we love, Taco John's is providing quality food service at affordable prices. We are actively searching for the ideal person to join ourmanagement team as a Restaurant Shift Manager. Are you an experienced outgoing people-person with leadership skills, driven by integrity to manage and lead others to succeed? Do you need flexible full-time work hours due to current life activities you cannot set aside? Are you looking to grow and advance in your career? If this sounds like you, apply today using our simple 2-minute application! About Taco John's We're pretty proud of the fact that we own Taco Tuesday, that we're the only place in the world where you can find Potato Ols, and that we turned a one-man taco stand in Cheyenne, Wyoming into one of the largest Mexican quick-service brands in America. But you know what we're the most proud of? OURMANAGEMENT TEAM. OurShift Managersare at the heart of what we do, and it's important to us to have shift managers that can help each team member succeed and be a real leader. That's why we offer numerous opportunities for advancement and training, allowing ourshift managersto build strong, rewarding leadership careers with us. Just as we are constantly evolving to satisfy the public's need for quality food made from scratch with fresh ingredients, we understand that our employees have needs as well. As an employer in the fresh food service industry, we take pride in offering our employees competitive wages, a supportive, healthy and fun work environment, benefits, paid time off, vacation time and on-going training. A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Shift Manager Don't expect the same droned out fast-food chain routine in this position. You will eagerly interact with a variety of people from theteam membersto the made from scratch fresh food we promptly prepare. As ashift managerof the organization, you'll enthusiastically prepare food the Ol way, work with customers one-on-one, andmanage a customer service team of like-minded fresh food lovers in a fun, fast-paced and rewarding environment. And, get ready to move! You will be a big part of the quality food experience our clients have come to enjoy in working with our employees. Your roleas a full time restaurant shift managerwill require30+ hours each weekthat can be tailored to your schedule. There is no need to give up your life balance with Taco John's! We have hours that range from 5am to 10pm, so whether you have church activities, sports activities, or school activities, we are very open and flexible with the schedule to ensure your success! Quick thinking, a desire to improve your currentleadership skills, and the ability to work independently with a mature attitude are the keys to succeeding in this role. You will also be a part of a growing organization. Let's face it. Working with food can sometimes be quite messy, so this role is not just about the fun and games that come with working with fresh ingredients, but special care is also required to ensure the customer's safety and your own in keeping a clean working environment and being proactive in helping team members succeed in their respective roles. Job Posted by ApplicantPro
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