The Residential Staffing Coordinator is responsible for designing and implementing the staffing schedule for the 8 245D Residential Programs and St. Elizabeth Home such that exemplary client services can be delivered by Direct Care staff. On a scheduled basis, then, the Staffing Coordinator will report on metrics that are indicative of the success of the staffing plans that are implemented. Their support role for the homes will be enhanced by their participation in House team meetings and in sourcing/recruiting potential candidates for the homes in cooperation with the Human Resources, including sending communications for social media employment marketing. Major Job Responsibilities: Provide sourcing and recruitment for candidate pools and onboarding of newly hired staff. Develop, deliver, communicate, and problem solve staff scheduling. Attend and participate in team meetings to develop and maintain effective working relationships with all staff. Report on staffing outcomes (deviances from the schedules, overtime expended, number of approved shifts, FTE s utilized, amount of double coverage, and the number of staff cross-trained.
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