Nice to meet you! My name is Angela. I have two dogs that we need a walker for. Well, 1 1/2 dogs lol. Mango is an absolute chonk that needs way more exercise! Kiwi on the other hand will go about 4 blocks and then try to get into every parked car along the way so he doesn't have to walk home. He doesn't need as much exercise as her though so if we could find a walker that would take the two of them for a walk around the block and then drop him back of so she can get the exercise she needs, that would be fabulous. Kiwi is a big boy at over 100lbs. He is a Mastiff/Poodle mix (that is not a typo lol) who came from a very unfortunate breeder situation and is very timid. When we go for walks people always want to pet the giant fluff ball and he will hide between your legs. Meanwhile his sister Mango wants to love everyone! Unfortunately for her, she is a chonky boxer mix that looks like she may have some pitbull in her. People come in to pet the dog that doesn't want it and then back away from the "scary pitbull" that wants nothing more than to lick you to death. At we help dog walkers and pet sitters find the perfect job. Instantly match with pet owners and kennels who need to hire a pet sitting professional. We're always hoping to find honest, reliable people who are interested in dog walking, or getting hired as a cat sitter! Apply to the job, post your profile for free, and get hired to pet sit today! Hundreds of pet sitter jobs available.
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