Hours 5:45-6:00, nights Schedule on a 2-2-3 rotation, essentially working half the days each month JOB SUMMARY: This position is in charge of assisting in the maintenance of all plant processes in their assigned area of responsibility, maintaining the highest levels of safety, quality and productivity. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Monitors activities in area of responsibility at all times during shift. 2. Must learn and apply new processes and procedures in area of responsibility, as well as train, lead and communicate effectively with all co-workers. 3. Responsible for evaluating and continuous improvement of processes in area of responsibility working to minimize change over times. 4. Ensures that every detail and specification of each product is met. 5. Follows work direction effectively, completing/overseeing all record keeping and performing all tests as required. 6. Maintains spare parts inventory, notifying manager when running low. 7. Maintains appropriate sanitation records, keeping track of what chemicals are used and in what concentration. 8. Gives Public Relations tours and acts as spokesperson for the company when requested. 9. Operates and maintains all equipment area of assigned responsibility, ensuring it working properly and as efficiently as possible. 10. Responsible for preventative maintenance on equipment as well as repair work. This role occasionally includes reporting on non-scheduled days for major equipment maintenance or failures. 11. Performs all other duties as assigned or required by the supervisor/customer.
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