DescriptionEmployee will be responsible for Programing, setting-up, adjusting, and operating CNC machines ranging from mills to lathes which can also include 4+ axis machines. Our variety of parts at Emerson/Tescom requires the employee to have a wide range of tooling, fixturing, and programming knowledge. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: - Production Equipment - Sets-up, runs and programs a variety of machines that include: CNC, NC, production porting equipment, lathes, vertical mills, grinders, deburring, and cleaning equipment. - Runs multiple machines as required by process or as directed. - Programming - Develops and plans machining - Writes programs to control machining of parts by automatic machine tool operation. - Analyzes blueprints and engineering drawings to determine configuration of cuts. - Determines type and size of cutting tools according to hardness of material and shape of cut. - Determines tool path, speeds and feeds to obtain the most effective use of machine, tooling life and cycle time. - Completes all supporting documentation to insure compliance with Tescom's quality system - Set-Up - Performs complex set-ups on CNC machine tools. - Performs set-ups on mills and lathes within an acceptable time frame. - Documents set-up instructions on new product for future use. - Identifies fixtures and tooling needed for new or existing product; documents and communicates any changes to machinists and support personnel. - Familiarity with and understanding of, programming formats involving combinations of operations such as profiling, boring, turning, drilling, threading, etc. to the machine’s capacity. - Operate and Adjust - Produces product on CNC or manual machines to meet or exceed the requirements of department standards. - Documents and communicates any inconsistencies or changes of standard run times to support personnel using process change forms. - Troubleshoots processes to eliminate further issues. - Care of Equipment and Cleanliness - Exercises proper care of Tescom equipment. - Completes preventive maintenance requirements, troubleshoots malfunctions and calls for repairs. - Helps maintain the sharpening and replacement of worn tools. - Process Improvement - Supports the efforts of total quality and process improvement by recommending methods, equipment, techniques and other changes to improve machine shop operations through active participation in Process Improvement Teams or meetings. - Proactive in documentation and control of processes in accordance with process change/control policy. - Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities and reading technical publications. - Safety - Performs work in a safe manner by following all safety rules, and insuring safety guards are in place on all machines. - Quality Functions - Performs quality functions according to Quality Assurance department processes. - Performs inspections of product using a wide variety of inspection devices such as surface finish measuring, workmanship standards and handheld measuring equipment. - Completes operator self-inspection and records data. - Ability to use SPC data collection forms and any other supporting documentation required. - Complies with SOP's and work instructions. - Manually Operate CMM to inspect GD&T and use it for the existing programs. - Apparent or Assigned - Performs any other work as apparent or assigned.
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