Job Summary Park Fellowship of Sartell, Minnesota is eager to welcome an authentic, biblically-grounded pastor to lead and encourage us in our mission to grow, serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We look to this man to have a clear focus on teaching and equipping lay people to use their gifts to be built-up and unified in Jesus Christ. Primary Purpose The position of the Park Fellowship Lead Pastor has the primary responsibility of expository teaching and preaching God’s Word and guiding the church family to dependence on the Holy Spirit and prayer (Titus 1:9). He is to do this in the faithful fulfillment of the God-given mission of our church. The role of Lead Pastor is to work with the Board of Elders in overseeing the life and direction of the church. He will have a solid understanding of the purpose, values, and vision of the church and the ability to align lay staff and key leadership teams with its mission. We depend on the pastor to ensure the systems, practices, and policies of the church are responsibly and effectively supported by its ministry activities. Responsibilities and Duties Minister of the Word of God: The Lead Pastor will devote himself to the ministry of the Word of God and prayer. In proclaiming Christ, he will warn and teach everyone in wisdom while demonstrating skill and passion in communicating Biblical truth. (1 Timothy 4:13, Acts 6:2-4) Spiritual Leader of Believers: Living a life of humility and worthy of respect, the pastor will set an example for the believers in speech, life, love, faith, and purity. He is a mature disciple of Christ and the spiritual leader in all aspects of the church as he does the work of an evangelist making the goodness of Jesus Christ clear in his public ministry and private life. (I Timothy 4:12, I Timothy 3:1-13, II Timothy 3:1-7) He will participate in the gospel training of reliable servants who disciples others through the application of their spiritual gifts. The Lead Pastor’s goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who will commit themselves to obeying all that Christ commanded to include the global mission. (II Timothy 2:2, Matthew 28:19-20) Shepherd of the Church: As he leads by example, the pastor will watch over himself as he does the flock of God, protecting himself and the church’s disciples from corruption, dangerous false teaching, and ungodly people who will cause harm to the church. He provides comfort and safety by lovingly guiding the people of God’s church. (Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:11, John 10:27) Duties of the Lead Pastor include: - Implementing the biblical vision and strategic planning of the church in such a manner that the church’s commitment to God’s will is not compromised. (Joshua 1:7) - Supporting Park Fellowship’s statement of faith, core values, and vision. - Serving on the elder board as a voting member. - Overseeing the spiritual roles and responsibilities of the elder board and lay leadership of the church in accordance with God’s Word. - Overseeing the hiring and management of church staff as needed. - Directing the teaching and presentation of the weekly worship service. - Administering communion and baptism as a leader of the congregation.. - Officiate weddings, funerals, dedication of children, and other events as needed. - Encourage others in the sharing of pastoral activities such as hospital visitation, biblical family counseling, and support in crisis. - Direct the training and support of congregational members in assessment and application of individual spiritual gifting. - Promote unity in the body of Christ. (Philipians 2:1-2) - And other duties as needed. Qualifications and Job Experience - Possess a Masters of Divinity and/or equivalent experience. - Meet the qualifications of an elder as outlined in scripture (1 Timothy 3; Titus 2). - Exceptional problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. - Ability to minister the Word of God without compromise. - Good written and verbal communication skills. - Ability to organize and motivate a team to achieve its goals (e.g. elder board). - Active listening skills. - Possess strong organizational skills and be self-motivated. - Have a shepherding temperament and kind heart. - Wisdom in helping the church to stand firm in the inevitable changing world and culture. - Enthusiastic for ministry and a willingness to serve people of all ages.
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