Assists with a variety of projects in the Environmental Services Group related to water resources, transportation, and other environmental and municipal services. Typical duties and responsibilities will include: Essential Duties and Responsibilities - Collecting survey or other data in the field and analyzing - Creating databases and data management - Researching and evaluating information, literature, and research - Writing environmental review documents and other technical reports - Implementing stormwater regulations or other permitting - Evaluating data and creating maps using ArcGIS and ESRI ArcMap programs - Preparing mapping exhibits for proposals, presentations, and project related work - Preparing GIS shapefile and attribute data from available datasets, including modifying existing GIS data or drawing/digitizing map features - Coordinating with local, state, federal agencies - Other duties as assigned, such as occasional administrative or other tasks Requirements - Must have valid driver’s license and be insurable - Declared major with emphasis in Environmental Studies / Science or GIS - Completed coursework in at least two or more of the following: wetlands, soils, biology, fisheries/wildlife biology, natural resources, geology, agriculture, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), or environmental regulation - Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite - Knowledgeable in the use of ESRI software - Must be a good communicator and possess a positive attitude - Must be able to follow and carry out specific instructions on an independent basis - Must be able to interpret and implement company mandated safety policies - Ability to perform physical work when necessary in variable weather conditions (i.e. strenuous walking, hauling equipment, etc.) environmental studies natural resource management wildlife management arcgis wetlands fisheries geographic information science geographic information systems (gis) arcmap geology environmental consulting wildlife biology water resource management agriculture esri
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