The Instructional Design Technologist Intermediate position exists to support departmental and institutional initiatives and projects for quality online teaching and learning. The incumbent must be a skilled and experienced instructional designer adept in leading the meaningful integration of the Learning Management System (LMS) and learning technologies into pedagogical approaches and instructional strategies for enhancing instructional design in on line offerings. The incumbent will support department and institutional initiatives and projects and is responsible for planning, developing, communicating, delivering and assessing professional development experiences in online teaching, on line course design, the implementation and instruction of learning technologies for faculty and the campus community, and for developing new on line and hybrid courses and programs, and provide leadership, assessment, support and recommendations for improving online courses and programs, the application of educational and technology trends, to support critical University initiatives such as enrollment and retention. - Lead online course and program curriculum mapping. - Identify emerging technologies, design and develop online, hybrid and hyflex materials, courses and programs collaboratively with faculty. - Work with SCSU campus community to ensure the learning technologies, developed materials, courses and programs meet the needs of the stakeholders. - Provide ongoing support to faculty and students, maintenance, and administration for developed solutions. - Provide the necessary support for faculty and others to successfully utilize learning technologies in their classes. - Meet with clientele to gather requirements and analyze needs to establish and create reasonable solutions to meet academic needs including, yet not limited to: determining appropriate learning technology recommendations, formats for on line materials, creating and/or enhancing multimedia projects, incorporating learning management system (LMS) and integrated tools or other web learning resources, and assisting with the creation of accessible course materials that meet ADA requirements. - Maintain a high level of online practices, knowledge and skills to provide foundational ongoing guidelines, support, maintenance, and operations for learning technologies on campus, including but not limited to: D2L Brightspace, Zoom, Kaltura Mediaspace, and Edu biogs to ensure these technologies meet changing business needs and provide updated functionality, as necessary. Ensure faculty have the necessary support to utilize these learning technology tools successfully in their classes. - Provide training and instruction to end users on best practices for including yet not limited to the development and maintenance of training materials on the operation and optimization of learning technology tools, to ensure that they are well understood by the client to maximize their effective and efficient use of the technologies. Ensure Academic Technologies Team training initiatives are aligned with campus needs and priorities, liaise with CETL, ITS, HuskyTech. - Lead the development of universal design/accessibility standards, materials, trainings, etc. in order to ensure that faculty have the necessary resources to ensure their courses are accessible to all students. Work collaboratively with Student Accessibility Services to assess accessibility technologies and promote and support captioning of curricular materials and other media on campus. - Increase knowledge and experience with learning technologies by learning about innovative concepts and trends through electronic journals, seminars, workshops, computer-based training, online help, documentation, and discussion groups. Pilot emerging learning technologies to ensure that SCSU maintains a competitive academic technology environment. This includes, yet is not limited to: comparative assessments of competing learning technologies, creating p
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