Join our intentional community and non-profit organization that is home to 45 people including adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities and people from all around the world. Gain experience and skills in homemaking, biodynamic farming, organic gardening, artisan baking, food processing and preserving, loom weaving, woodworking, conflict resolution, and community building while collectively working towards healing the 525 acres we call home. People of all ages come from all over the world as individuals, couples, and families to be part of our community as live-in volunteers. Some come for one year to gain experience after school and before starting their careers, some come seeking a refreshing and more meaningful lifestyle, and others come open-endedly to settle down with their families. Live-in volunteers are compensated with a comfortable lifestyle, rather than a salary, and have their costs of living covered by the community. At Camphill Village Minnesota, we focus on capabilities, not disabilities. Everyone works together in the houses, shared community spaces and on the land to sustain our village. Each of us has something to offer. What will you bring to the table? A House Manager, also known as a House Leader, is responsible for the health and happiness of a lifesharing home and has committed to two or more years in community. Lifesharing households typically include 2-4 adults who have a disability and 2-3 live-in volunteers. House Leaders contribute to the community work life and manage the responsibilities of their home and care for those who live with them. Duties & Responsibilities: House Leaders are responsible for the following activities and receive support from other volunteers in the home and community: - Hold the consciousness of day to day care for members of their home - Coordinate plans for meals, laundry, housecleaning, grocery shopping - Maintain appropriate record-keeping and paperwork - Supervise volunteers who live in the home - Help facilitate the overall functioning of the community through participation in meetings, committees and decision-making - Coordinate health care appointments - Train new volunteers who also support the home - Willingness to work through interpersonal conflicts that may arise - Organize social activities in the wider community - Maintain contact with the families and social workers - Manage a monthly budget - purchase food and supplies for the house - plan and execute various community festivals and gatherings Education & Qualifications: - A passion for engaging with people who have a range of abilities, challenges and backgrounds - Have a high school diploma or equivalent - Leadership experience (3 years in a related field) - Direct care experience (2 years preferred) - Have the ability to perform well in an environment that requires compassion, helpfulness, patience, and resourcefulness - Excellent communication skills - Ability to manage a household budget and do basic accounting - Valid driver’s license - Must pass a criminal background check Compensation - Student Loan payments ($250-$500/mo) - Medical insurance and support - Monthly stipend - Free room and board (wifi included) private room in community house - Daily, organic, farm-fresh meals - Toiletries and daily living items - Use of community vehicles (including gas/insurance) - 3 weeks of paid vacation - One full day off during the workweek See us in action! Company Name: Camphill Village Minnesota, Inc. Salary: $3,000 Per Year Job Category: Administrative/ Support, Direct Service/ Social Service, Health/ Medical/ Counseling, Housing, Social Work/ Counseling, Volunteer Services Industry: Community Building/ Volunteerism Position Type: Full Time Experience: 2 - 5 years Education: High School or Equivalent
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