Description: The Teacher develops material and lesson nplans, conducts classroom instruction and evaluates and assess student nperformance. The incumbent meets with parents, interprets student nprogress, and informs parents/guardians about student strengths, nweaknesses, and progress. Job Summary: 1. n Plans instruction and other student support activities, including the nestablishment of overall goals and priorities, lesson plans, classroom nactivities (i.e., laboratory experiments, media presentations, etc.) andn daily lesson plans, as applicable to the teacher’s particular nassignment. Such plans should be consistent with the School nDistrict/department goals and objectives; should consider the needs and nabilities of the students; and should incorporate basic components of nlesion design, as appropriate. Reviews, selects, and modifies materials nand resources consistent with instructional objectives and students’ nparticipation so that lesson plans and instructional materials developedn are consistent with School District/department goals and objectives. 2. n Provides instruction to students in a manner which incorporates nessential elements of instruction, i.e., teaching specific objectives, nteaching at appropriate levels of difficulty, including methods of nextending students’ thinking, uses techniques to monitor student nprogress and adjusts instruction accordingly, and correctly employs nvarious principles of learning so that classroom instruction effectivelyn meets the needs of students consistent with School District objectives.n 3. Establishes behavior expectations and maintains student ncontrol in the classroom, on school premises, and/or in school nactivities by communicating expectations for appropriate behavior. nProvides structure and consistency and encourages student nresponsibility, cooperation, and mutual respect in a manner consistent nwith School District policies and procedures and legal requirements so nthat the learning environment is successful. 4. Participates in nparent/teacher conference. Maintains grade book to demonstrate student nstrengths, weaknesses, and/or problems that the student may be nexperiencing in the classroom so that parents are informed of student’s nstrengths, weaknesses, problems, and progress. 5. Collaborates nwith other professional staff regarding the needs of students by ncommunicating accurately, preserving confidentiality of information, andn sharing best teaching practices and new teaching techniques or nprocedures available so that effective professional work relationships nproperly meet the needs of students. 6. Develops student tests nand evaluates results. Determines student grades for instructional unitsn and reports grades to parents at School District assigned time. 7. n Develops and maintains adequate knowledge of the subject(s) taught or nsupport service rendered and demonstrates an understanding of how the nsubject(s) or support services fit into the overall School District and ndepartment philosophy, objectives, and curriculum in order to maintain nprofessional competency in assigned subject matters. 8. Pursues nprofessional development activities to broaden and deepen knowledge of ncontent and teaching skills and continually identifies professional nneeds and develops strategies to meet these needs so that there is noptimum professional growth and development of teaching skills. 9. Records and maintains proper records in order to provide accurate information. n 10. Other job related duties as assigned. Qualifications: 1. BA/BS degree. 2. Appropriate licensure for area of teaching. 3. Demonstrated teaching skills. 4. Good human relation skills. n5. Good communication skills. Application Procedure: Apply online" }
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