Area of Interest Engineering Salary/Hourly Salaried General Summary The Engineering Manager is responsible for project distribution to engineering department, managing workflow into the shop, creating product drawings based on customer concept and specification information using AutoCAD, Microvellum, RotorCIM, CAD Code and Inventor 3D Modeling software. Principal Duties/Responsibilities Principal Duties and Responsibilities * Responsible for maintaining proper flow through the engineering department to the shop. * Distributing projects to the engineering department. * Staffs, develops and coaches the Engineering team, evaluates performance and initiates corrective action as required. * Establishes quality standards for design and initiates and manages quality improvement initiatives within Engineering department. * Creates engineered product drawings using AutoCAD and Inventor 3D Model software * Produce detailed part and component assembly shop drawings to include part dimensioning, materials, hardware callouts, finishing specification, and machining and assembly requirements * Create production CNC part programs utilizing AutoCAD and CNC programming software (CAD Code), Router CIM * Setup Bills of Materials and labor routings in an ERP software system, listing all product material requirements, labor operations for plant production, packaging and shipping requirements * Participate product estimating and material purchasing may be required * Communicate clearly and effectively with customers to understand their needs and turn those concepts into working drawings for customer approval. * Take approved drawings and create detailed production drawings from which the product can be manufactured * Produce documentation including instructions and full labeling for all parts, subassemblies, and final assembly and participate in manufacturing hand off meetings. * Coordinate effectively with production team to ensure timely, accurate fabrication of customer orders. * Actively participate on the production shop floor and troubleshoot variances that arise from production and engineering change orders. * Developing and motivating the cost-effective alternatives and continuous improvements to production processes. * Prepare material takeoffs and requisitions for purchasing. * Prepare and maintain product catalogues as directed. * Performs other duties as required * Project Management of projects as assigned * Create take-off drawings from Architectural drawings and create elevation shop approval drawings for Architects. Requirements Job Specifications Knowledge Required * Minimum of two years of experience as Engineering manager or equivalent. * Proficiency with AutoCAD and Inventor 3D modeling software experience is required * Working knowledge of the cabinetry, woodworking or display fixture industries (design, fabrication or assembly) experience is essential * Familiarity with materials and hardware for cabinetry/fixtures is essential * MasterCAM, CAD Code or Pattern Systems software experience a plus, but not essential * Strong command of Microsoft Office tools preferred * Good work history demonstrating dependable performance and effective time management * Good problem-solving skills and a willingness to learn * Ability to work efficiently with a commitment to deadlines Skills and abilities * Proficiency in the use of the English language in reading, writing and speaking. * Ability to successfully interact and communicate with all organizational levels and the public. * Demonstrate proficiency in general telephone and office etiquette and legible handwriting. * Demonstrate ability to develop and maintain strong customer relationships. * Ability to apply business math to manufacturing processes. * Experienced with flat engineered wood panels preferred. * Ability to sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time, be mobile in the work environment, and work hours requested by management * Ability to pass a drug test. Conduct * Se
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