Job Description Doctor's Assistants work in conjunction with the doctors to perform activities involving patient care, pre-testing, post-exam duties, FDT testing and maintain the doctors appointment schedule in a manner that delivers a professional, pleasurable patient experience. Duties & Responsibilities - Performs preliminary evaluation of patients prior to exam by the OD, such as dilation, topicals, diagnostic medications, etc. - Perform verbal interview with patient prior to visit with OD to determine medical issues and reasons for their visit for communication to OD prior to appointment - Assists OD's to care for patients in a timely, effective manner, as closely to appointed schedule as possible - Instruct patients on medical care as prescribed by the doctor's treatment plan and schedules follow up appointments as needed - Discusses Lasik with patients and identifies patients interested in Lasik by reviewing patient information forms - Schedules referral appointments with Ophthalmologists, Crown Diagnostic, Laser Center and completes appropriate paperwork - Records and maintains patient records / files in compliance with company, federal, and state policies (HIPAA) - Respond to patient's telephone inquiries regarding medication, treatment, problems referring to the OD as necessary - Identifies candidates for FDT testing per company standards of care - Completes proper coding of procedures for payment collection - Participates in store meetings / projects as requested - Ensures that maximum OD utilization occurs thru pre-appointment confirmation, daily appointment confirmation, contacting patients from recall listings, partnership with the manager's outreach, etc. (in an office without a PCC) - Calls all no shows or cancelled patients to reschedule appointments (in an office without a PCC) - Performs contact lens insertion and removal classes (I&R) and manages the contact lens trial inventory - Performs end of day responsibilities to include opti-schedule wrap-up, end of day checklist, etc. - Makes recommendations for efficiencies, processes, etc. which will deliver either quality, cost savings, and / or profitability improvements within the store and / or across the organization - Performs other duties within the store as requested and as time allows
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