If you are a job seeker with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to apply for one of our jobs, you will find the contact information to request the appropriate accommodation by visiting the following page: Coborn's Support Center St. Cloud, MN 56301, USA Description The Pharmacy Operations Manager is responsible for customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee management and financial results of the pharmacy division, while meeting Coborn’s Wildly Important Goals of being the Best Place to Work and Best Place to Shop. This role provides oversight, support and leadership to drive and achieve financial objectives across the entire pharmacy division and the greater organization. This position provides direct supervision to all pharmacy office staff; including but not limited to Pharmacy District Managers, Pharmacy Systems Administrator, Pharmacy Pricing Coordinator and Pharmacy Billing Manager. All duties to be performed according to the established standard and in compliance with all company policies and procedures while maintaining regular, prompt attendance and availability to work outside of standard business hours as needed: - Effectively manage, support and lead pharmacy office staff and field managers to achieve the financial and operational objectives of the pharmacy department, store and greater organization. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: - Overall responsibility for short and long-term strategic growth initiatives to increase sales, gross margin and profit; in particular, pharmacy acquisitions, clinical services, 340B contract pharmacy relationships, and long term care opportunities, - Work closely with Pharmacy District Managers and pharmacy operations team to ensure that site and Company initiatives are coordinated and in support of strategic goals, objectives and vision, - In collaboration with Pharmacy District Managers, Pharmacy Managers and related stakeholders lead the forecasting/budgeting process and related competitive activities in corresponding markets, - Drive financial goals and manage the pharmacy division consistent with budget, forecast (i.e. sales, labor, gross margin, CTO, inventory, etc.), overarching division and Company mission and corresponding initiatives, - Create, monitor and support achievement of short and long-term site-specific and individual employee goals, - Review the attainment of projected sales, gross profit, expense, inventory and operating profit objectives with Pharmacy District Managers and associated personnel and/or departments, - Work closely with Pharmacy Operations Team and Company Finance, HR, IT/IS, Marketing and related departments and vendors to effectively manage and support division and Company goals and objectives, - General oversight of pharmacy claims processing, corresponding transactions, and associated requirements; in particular, Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance and related insurance audits, - Development, implementation and maintenance of programs necessary to support and advance goals of the department; in particular, Pharmacy Technician training, software and operational process improvement, risk mitigation and related compliance requirements. - Responsible for overall management of the safety, efficiency and integrity of all pharmacy and related operations ensuring compliance with all Federal, State and related laws and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy. - Development, implementation, maintenance and enforcement of compliance programs and policy & procedures; including but not limited to: Pharmacy policy & procedures, HIPAA, Medicare accreditation, Fraud, Waste & Abuse, DEA & related prescription monitoring programs, - Ensure all pharmacies are ordering, maintaining and securely storing an appropriate inventory of drugs, chemicals and supplies to meet customer needs and in compliance with applicable laws, rules and manufacturer standards, - Effectively ensure prescription orders are dispensed accurately, efficiently and consistent with Company policy and State and Federal laws and regulations. - Actively and passionately communicate the Company’s vision to employees, customers, and others who may directly or indirectly influence the business of the organization. This vision should include: - Fostering and developing department and Company relationships, - Supporting and developing customer relationships, community partnerships and related strategic relationships, - A business model that allows competitively priced drugs to be dispensed by Pharmacy professionals who are excited about their work and who seek to ensure that patients maximally benefit from their interaction with the Pharmacy Department, - An attitude of continual process improvement, innovation and an overarching desire to advance as an employee, individual and Company, - An understanding, appreciation of customer service and providing customer service in accordance to Company policy and expectations, - A business environment that attracts, rewards and retains the best trained, most engaging, and highly skilled pharmacy professionals available. - Ensuring that customers reliably experience the Pharmacy staff as friendly, efficient, knowledgeable about medications, OTC products, clinical services/programs & related health topics and desiring of their continued patronage. This includes: - Orientation of new staff to expectations including specific behaviors, - Developing and supporting current and new pharmacy and related health & wellness programs; i.e. clinical services, OTC products, dietary programs, - Providing direct observation, leadership, and guidance to Pharmacy District Managers, the Pharmacy operations team, and corresponding personnel, - Being an on-going, positive role model and leader, - Providing conflict resolution guidance including a methodology to confront, rectify and reduce negative customer events or experiences. Location/Region: Saint Cloud, MN (56301)
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