Simonson Lumber is a 113 year old, family owned and operated group of lumber yards with a components plant. Being family owned we remain loyal to our heritage and put a unique focus on family first operations. We are looking for a leader who can trod a new path to embrace and bring family first operations to manufacturing. Mathew Hall Components, a division of Simonson Lumber, is seeking a General Manager for our components division in St. Joseph, MN. The General Manager will oversee the daily operations of the plant's production and manufacturing operations while maintaining financial accountability and positioning the plant for growth. They are responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping while maintaining safety, protection of company assets, and maximizing both material and labor efficiency. Qualified applicants will be a self-starter with the ability to achieve the desired results while dealing with multiple departments and people; able to multi-task and be flexible around priorities; have excellent organizational skills; have excellent computer skills, including Excel, Word, databases and preferably Alpine/Mitek software; be familiar with inventory protocols and management; have strong interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive, high performance work teams; have the ability to anticipate, identify, and solve difficult problems in a timely manner; design experience is preferred; and working knowledge of Industrial Safety and Environmental Regulations.
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