SUMMARY OF PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Classroom Assistant (Trainee) is responsible for assisting the Classroom Staff in the implementation of a classroom program designed to give each child an opportunity to participate in experiences that will enrich his/her development in a safe environment. The Classroom Assistant (Trainee) will be a third person in the classroom whose primary responsibility is to observe and learn about effective early childhood practices. They also help recruit potential parents by providing information to them about the various program services and benefits offered to enrolled children and families. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Classroom Operations Assists classroom staff with implementation of daily activities and classroom management principles. Assist in implementing classroom activities around concepts that incorporate the interests of the classroom community and meet goals and objectives outlined in the Creative Curriculum. Maintain enough flexibility to allow children s interests to guide classroom direction. Be responsible for and lead some activities as requested by the Teacher, Assistant Teacher or Education Supervisor. Establish and maintain positive, pleasant and trusting relationships with parents, respecting their individual needs and maintaining professional and appropriate boundaries. Know all medical conditions/needs of the children in the classroom (including allergies) and how to respond to these needs. Discuss what will be communicated to parents with the classroom team in order to give parents consistent messages in accordance with the Data Privacy policy. Tends to children's personal hygiene needs, remaining especially attentive to them during routines such as diaper changing, cleaning, feeding, and changing soiled or wet clothes. Assume other duties as requested by the classroom staff or Education Supervisor. Safety and Sanitation Maintains a safe, clean, caregiving environment, practices good personal hygiene and hand washing, and assures the well-being and safety of all of the children in that environment. Utilizes disciplinary measures appropriately as outlined in the Behavior Guidance Policies and Procedures. Protects all children from physical punishment or verbal abuse by anyone in any program activity, and immediately reports any such incident to the person in charge. Provides for the physical safety of each child from arrival time until departure time. Assures that safety and sanitation policies and procedures are followed appropriately. Assures that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and type of play in which they are engaged. Assures that children are supervised at all times. Administers First Aid and/or CPR (if trained) when necessary. Communication Greets children and their parents warmly and with enthusiasm. Maintains a cooperative attitude of working together with other staff, parents and volunteers in planning and implementing activities for the program/classroom. Maintains a positive, calm attitude and a pleasant, soothing voice, and models this attitude and voice for parents and others working or volunteering in the program.
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