Nystrom & Associates, Ltd. is opening a Residential Treatment Center in Big Lake, MN August, 2021. Be a part of a collaborative multidisciplinary team working in an inpatient setting providing treatment to patients experiencing substance use challenges. We are currently seeking full-time Chemical Dependency Technicians for our Residential Treatment Center in Big Lake, MN ! 5 day schedule options would rotate between the two shifts: - 7AM - 3:30PM - 3PM - 11:30PM Duties include the following: 1. Maintain knowledge, understanding of, and compliance with Nystrom & Associates, Ltd. (NAL) 245G Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment Program Policy and Procedure Manual to assure consistency in client services and program. 2. Ensure compliance with Department of Human Services (DHS) 245G Statutes including timely documentation completion, clinical thoroughness and accurate billing for services provided. Conduct chart audits as requested. 3. Understand the Grievance Policy to assist clients in navigating the process to resolve grievances at the lowest level in a timely manner and document accordingly. 4. Provides consistency in program by maintaining all client restrictions communicated by counseling staff. 5. Communicates to staff any inappropriate or suspected inappropriate client behavior. 6. Learns, understands and appropriately utilizes the agency EHR system at a level of proficiency appropriate to the role. 7. Knows and follows program emergency procedures. 8. Transitions duties and responsibilities to Night Managers. 9. Understands and follows vulnerable adult policy and reporting procedures. 10. Understands and follows incident/accident reporting policies and procedures. 11. Understands and follows emergency fire and weather policies and procedures. 12. Attends quarterly Supervised Living Facilities (SLF) training and other training events as required by your supervisor. 13. Responds to client emergency medical needs, when required. 14. Provides assistance to on-duty counseling staff. 15. Monitors and documents client activities. 16. Transports clients to directed activities or functions and monitoring behavior, attendance and safe return to resident facility. 17. Provides training and/or facilitating training classes as directed. 18. Assists on-duty counseling staff as directed or required. 19. Safeguard personally identifiable health information (PHI) in accordance with duties and current agency HIPAA notification statement and standards. 20. Maintains favorable driving record (favorable is left to the interpretation of the employer and any agent acting on behalf of the employer). 21. Attains, maintains and promotes a positive, safe, harmonious, productive and challenging work environment. 22. Maintain timely, consistent communication with NAL staff via phone, email, and electronic health record. 23. Participate in scheduled individual clinical supervision meetings with supervisor. 24. Demonstrate timely completion of required and ongoing web-based (Relias) trainings in. 25. Participate in All Staff Meetings and Clinic Meetings as scheduled. 26. Assist with training of professional program staff and provide supervision to assigned interns as requested. 27. Uphold the highest level of moral and ethical standards. 28. Maintain and promote a positive, safe, harmonious, productive and challenging work environment. 29. Assist SUD Management and NAL Marketing Team with marketing efforts. 30. Safeguard personally identifiable health information in accordance with duties and current agency HIPAA notification statement and standards including 42CFR. 31. Performs other duties as required Benefits : Nystrom & Associates, Ltd. prides itself on the benefits and compensation offered to staff, including: - Medical, Dental, & Vision insurance with generous employer contribution - Health Savings Account (HSA) - Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for applicable medical and dependent care expenses - Paid Time Off (PTO) - Paid Holidays - 401(K) Retirement Plan with employer matching program - Supplemental insurances, such as short term/long term disability, cancer i nsurance, whole/term life, and accident insurance 1. Must be 18 years of age or older. 2. High school diploma or GED. 2-yr degree in CD Counseling or related field preferred 3. Must be free of problematic substance use for at least the two years immediately preceding employment and must sign a statement attesting to that fact. 4. Must have First Aid and CPR Certification on date of hire according to 245G.10 Subd. 5., and maintain certification throughout employment 5. Training or experience in counseling/First Aid preferred. 6. Meet all DHS and SLF program requirements. 7. Ability to maintain confidentiality. 8. Ability to convey a positive and professional image. 9. Current Mantoux test. (Annual requirement thereafter, or as deemed necessary by the department of health) 10. Must be able to pass DHS Background Check. 11. Ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds with multiple problems. 12. Valid state driver’s license 13. Positive driving record (periodic review of driving record required).
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