Description HCA Solutions is currently seeking qualified candidates to provide services as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, St. Cloud VA Health Care System in St. Cloud, MN. Daily schedules will be weekdays, Monday through Friday, with the exception of Federal Holidays. Personnel shall be available and present during scheduled hours which will be established, and may be revised, as deemed appropriate for patient care by Service Line Leadership. Nurse Anesthetist Functions: •Practicing as an independent CRNA/anesthesia provider •Provision of care in surgical procedure •Perform and document a preanesthetic evaluation of the patient before surgery including requesting consultations, additional diagnostic and/or laboratory studies. •Initiation of the planned anesthetic technique that may include general, regional, MAC, or local anesthesia. Interventions include administration of fluids, medications, ventilator support, provision of homeostasis, provision of adequate pain relief and management of anesthesia and surgical side effects. •Induction of general anesthesia and initial airway management. •Endotracheal intubation for surgical or procedural cases. •Peripheral nerve blocks. •Central neuraxial blocks. •Adjustment of anesthetic drugs and techniques utilized in the maintenance of anesthesia. •Sedation for field blocks or MAC as discussed in the anesthetic care plan. •Manages emergence from anesthesia. •Provide anesthetic for: ICD checks •Administer sedation or local anesthesia to facilitate urgent/emergent endotracheal intubation. •Placement of intravenous lines throughout the facility, as requested. •Participation in staff meetings, mortality and morbidity conferences and other committees as assigned by the SSC leadership. •Maintains anesthesia equipment in constant readiness and cleans equipment in accordance with hospital guidelines, SOPs, manufacturer’s recommendations and CDC guidelines. •Prepares drugs properly for use in anesthesia administration per department SOP •Ensures that OR/anesthesia safety regulations and procedures and infection control policies and procedures are observed. •Complies with Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals •Fully complies with medical center Correct Site/Universal Protocol requirements, including pausing activities during pre-operative time-out •Complies with VA and Joint Commission documentation requirements •Labels specimens according to medical center policy •Participates in continuous improvement activities •Participates in outcomes evaluation and recommendations for practice improvements •Conducts in-service programs for the department and other services within the medical center Requirements All CRNAs must: - Possess and maintain an APRN License - Possess and maintain BCLS and ACLS certification - EHR - Electronic Health Record Knowledge - Be a graduate of an anesthesia program accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthetist Education Program Schools or its predecessors - Be able to read, write, and speak English well enough to effectively communicate with patients and other health care providers - Be willing to submit to Drug Testing - Must provide Current TB Test - Must provide proof of MMR, Varicella, Pertussis and Flu Vaccinations - HepB Vaccination Series - Proof of Covid Vaccination, if available - Provide evidence of completing and passing generic self-study blood-borne pathogen training
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