To learn more about the department: Public Safety The successful candidate will share St. Cloud State’s commitment to our mission, and in particular, the value we place in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as outlined in SCSU’s It’s Time strategic framework. Notably, we uphold the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion and engage in intentional actions to address systemic inequities throughout the university and surrounding environment. DEI values, practices, and strategies are embedded into the fabric of our institution and campus community, and they align with the priorities expressed in the Minnesota State system’s Equity 2030 initiative. SCSU expects all of its employees to help advance these practices and to contribute to the development of an anti-racist, inclusive community . *Employment for this position is covered by the MinnState (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) Personnel Plan for Administrators which can be found here . Job Description: Reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the position of Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management has overall leadership responsibility for assigning and controlling the flow of work, managing operating and capital fiscal resources, hiring, training and monitoring performance of employees, students and third party service providers associated with security, emergency management; environmental health and occupational safety, risk management, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow/parking. The incumbent is accountable for the development of strategic plans and comprehensive initiatives for the management of risk in the above areas with additional consideration directed at international study abroad sites and activities. This person will serve as the University’s primary contact with local, state and federal emergency (e.g. law enforcement, fire safety, emergency management) response agencies in matters of criminal and non-criminal activity or threats of harm to our community. This position involves significant discretion and involvement in the development, interpretation and implementation of strategy, policies and procedures relevant to the University and its Public Safety Department, its Emergency Preparedness, Safety Administration and Risk Management programs. PRINCIPLE RESPONSIBILITIES AND RESULTS: 1. Provide Strategic Leadership for a Coordinated Public Safety and Safety Administration Team - Develop a strategic plan for the University’s Public Safety Department. Conduct an annual and periodic review of the strategic plan in coordination with the Director of Public Safety. - Oversee the Director of Public Safety’s implementation of the strategic plan. - Create a work plan for the Director of Public Safety. Supervise the Director of Public Safety in their implementation of the work plan and leadership of the Public Safety Department. - Create a work plan for the University’s Safety Administrator, with an emphasis on proactive inspections and prevention. Supervise the Safety Administrator in their implementation of the work plan. - Ensure coordination between the Public Safety Department and Safety Administrator to create a comprehensive, cooperative joint safety program. - Serve as the primary contact with law enforcement and public safety agencies. Maintain annual and periodic meetings with St. Cloud Police Department. Maintain emergency management coordination with county and state emergency management authorities. Maintain annual communication with St. Cloud Fire Department for fire safety and emergency management coordination. Involve local emergency response agencies in emergency management planning and exercises. - Manage the memorandum of understanding relationship with the St. Cloud Police Department. H. Create a work plan for the University’s Access Control Manager, with an emphasis on proactive inspections and prevention. Supervise the Access Control Manager in their implementation of the work plan. 2. Administer the Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management functions for St. Cloud State University. - Develop, schedule, and deliver training on emergency operations, emergency preparedness, the Emergency Operations Center. Determine the number and types of trainings that will be completed annually. Develop a training calendar to satisfy the annual training requirements. - Schedule and run a hazard & risk assessment exercise at least annually. - Develop, update, and implement the Emergency Operations Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plans, Continuity of Operations Plans, and Disaster Recovery Plans. Review these plans with key stakeholders on a regularly scheduled basis. - Identify key stakeholders/staff for annual emergency management and emergency operations training. - With the Public Safety Director/designee, Assistant V.P. Of Safety & Risk Management, Security supervisors and University Administrators, assess the danger to students, employees, and property to determine considerations to alter facilities’ utilization and/or potential portions or all of the University. - Coordinates the University’s disaster prevention, mitigation, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery programs. - Performs research and prepares recommendations, as needed, to ensure compliance with county, state, and federal requirements; including an all hazards mitigation plan and a validated Threats and Hazards Inventory Risk Assessment; researches sources of grant funds and advises the University on qualifications for receiving grants. - Serve as the Emergency Operations Center Director when the EOC is activated, and during training/drills/exercises. - Manage the Emergency Operations Center. Recruit EOC team members and coordinate EOC team. 3. Lead University Risk Management Functions. - Design an Enterprise Risk Management program, including Risk Identification, Risk Management Plan development, Risk Hearings, and ongoing annual monitoring and evaluation. - Coordinate the annual Enterprise Risk Management cycle. - Assist other university departments and personnel in evaluating risk for specific programs/activities, using a risk matrix. - Advise on mitigation measures to reduce risk. - Perform background checks on employees and volunteers when required by policy. - Consult with system office and advise campus departments and personnel on insurance requirements for events and contractors. - Oversee and recommend appropriate risk management and mitigation controls for property, casualty, and non-employee benefit insurance requirements, including the development and monitoring of associated procedures. - Partner with University groups and other campus programs to manage risks during student and/or other public events and activities. - Develop and implement policies, procedures and monitoring and documentation protocols to ensure the effectiveness of safety and compliance programs. - Identify need, work with IT Department to procure, and ensure on-going effectiveness of safety and security systems such as locks, fire and security alarms, card and other access systems, cameras, and other related technology. 4. Perform other duties as assigned. - The incumbent shall be in on-call status or call-back status for emergencies. *This position is deemed essential as determined by management of St. Cloud State University during weather and other emergency periods as declared by the Commissioner of Employee Relations and/or the President of the University Required Qualifications: - Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution. - Ability to work cooperatively and actively with a culturally diverse community. - A high level of computer literacy to include MS Windows, MS Office. - 10 years of related experience in law enforcement, security, or public safety. - 5 years supervisory experience. - Experience developing strategic plans and proposals. - Knowledge of compliance standards and regulators in higher education: Clery Act, FERPA, HIPPA, Title IX, Campus SaVe Act, etc. - Demonstrated success with facilitating and coordinating partnerships among diverse groups; Previous success with leading teams and making decisions by fostering collaboration, gathering stakeholder input, and building consensus to include and persuade people who are not in a direct line of control. - Experience working in a large and complex organization (including government, corporate or academic entities) in which coordinating and cooperating with multiple peer­ level departments or offices is necessary. - Ability to maintain effective and professional working relationships with supervisor, peer-level departments or offices, and subordinates. - Experience with strategic planning, program implementation and success in setting and meeting goals and budgets. - Possess a valid Minnesota Driver’s License or obtain one prior to appointment. - Shall pass background check free from convictions of felony and/or misdemeanors. - Written and oral communication skills, including preparing and leading discussions and presentations with varied audiences. - Prior emergency management/EOC/ICS/NIMS experience. - Budget management experience. - Evidence of demonstrated ability to work with persons from culturally diverse backgrounds. - Resumes of all applicants to this posting will be evaluated against the Minimum Qualifications stated above. Qualifications not specifically listed on your resume/cover letter cannot be evaluated. Preferred Qualifications: - Master’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution. - Possess established relationships at management and operational levels of local and state government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations relevant to safety and security functions. - 5 years of experience in an upper-level/executive position in a public safety or security agency - Proven ability to engage outside agencies, jurisdictions, community groups and other public safety partners in collaborative planning and coordination. - Demonstrated successful management of organizational change and leading organizations through transitions. - Prior experience in higher education security/public safety, law enforcement, and risk management. - Prior experience at section chief level within an ICS. - Prior EOC director experience.
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