Description: The Assistant Principal assists in the administration of the 728 Online School and will report to the Assistant Superintendent. The incumbent performs specific and assigned responsibilities that support the instructional program, and school-wide student management in addition to the daily operations of the school. Job Summary: 1. Participates in the creation of policies for the organization, administration, and supervision of the school program and interpret those policies to the students, staff, and public so that there is efficient and effective general administration of the school. 2. Represents the school at a variety of meetings: district, state, and national. 3. Prepares and submits reports to the various departments at the School District Office, Directors of Educational Services and Business Services, Superintendent of Schools, School Board, and Department of Education. 4. Assists in determining teaching assignments within the school. 5. Responsible for the formation of the daily master class schedule, and the individual student schedules to ensure efficient and effective program development of the school. 6. Assists in developing, evaluating, revising, and maintaining the curriculum and handbook of the school program consistent with School Board policy. 7. Works with staff in areas concerning class observation, program and teacher evaluations, student discipline and scheduling. 8. Assists in recommending the selection and retention of teachers, assistants, and secretaries to ensure efficient and effective staff personnel functions. 9. Assists in supervising, organizing, and implementing student registration programs and systems. 10. Assists in supervising the recordkeeping of the student discipline and cumulative information to ensure students meet graduation requirements. 11. Works with students in areas concerning discipline at school and school sponsored activities through meetings, conferences, and interpreting handbooks. 12. Assists in establishing and maintaining an effective school public relations program. Coordinates with the School Board, Superintendent of Schools, Director of Educational Services, and other School District departments and committees to achieve this goal. 13.Works with and acts in the capacity of liaison with various local welfare and protection agencies in order to improve the general welfare of individual students. 14.Assists in coordination and supervision of support staff, i.e., cooks and custodians, in order to facilitate the proper administration of the school building. 15.Other job related duties as assigned. Qualifications: 1. Minnesota principal's license. 2.Minimum of three years classroom teaching experience. 3.Knowledge and understanding of school concepts. 4.Experience in a school administrative position desirable. 5.Managerial skills including scheduling, planning, problem solving, conflict resolution, organization and leadership. 6.Proficient in human relations and communication skills. 7.Ability to supervise and give work direction to others. Application Procedure: Apply online ISD 728 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ISD 728 ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. ISD 728 has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees. Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the Department of Human Resources.
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