Job Description Advanced Production Operator - Industrial Melrose, MN 2 Months Shifts: Rotating schedule 2-2-3. 2 people for 5am to 5:30pm 2 people for 5pm to 5:30am *Steel Toed Shoes Required* Forklift Skills • Proven experience as forklift operator • Attention to detail and familiarity with industrial equipment • Excellent physical coordination • Valid certification or experience related to operate forklifts • Inspection of incoming trailers and records of material, COA's • Verify counts of receipts & shipments compared to bills of lading, manifests & packing slips • Sealing of trailers. Reporting any discrepancies • Operation of forklifts in a safe manner and to perform daily checks for first use • Practices safe operation of forklift and promptly reports product and property damage. • Ability to contribute to a teamwork environment • Ability to perform basic math equations • Ability to utilize computers & software programs proficiently • Ability to communicate effectively to ensure product flow to next workstation • Ability to perform problem solving skills, apply creative thinking, use resources, and make effective decisions • Ability to effectively plan and organize • Ability to contribute to a safe and organized work environment • Ability to work variable shifts, weekends, and/or holidays • Ability to meet the physical demands of the position outlined in the Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) • Ability to learn new skills and adapt to change as the organization continues to improve processes • Ability to draw conclusions based on analysis of data from multiple sources • Maintain prompt and regular job attendance • Ability to read and write effectively in English Operations/Production Skills · Seal Barrel Bags · Weigh Barrel on Track System · Place Label on Barrels · Scan Barrels to Company Inventory System · General Cleaning of Work area · Vacuum Whey with Long Heavy Hose · Disconnect, Tilt-up, Transfer Barrel to track · Barrel Sampling to Company Quality Procedures · Resealing and Re-classing Product · Store Barrels with Forklift – Blow-off fiber, Invert, Wrap and Stock barrels Job Description: Machine or process operator requiring significant work experience of two or more years to reach full proficiency. Production and process has significant variables that require measurement, analysis, process control adjustments. Records & reports production numbers. Operation of equipment to include, but not limited to the following manufacturing equipment: Seal Barrel Bags, Palletizer, Forklift, Vacuum Whey with Long Heavy Hose, General Cleaning of work area, Disconnect, Tilt-up, Transfer Barrel to track, label barrels,etc... Skills: Ability to follow oral and written instructions, short correspondence and memos. Ability to effectively communicate in one-on-one and in group situations. Ability to understand, record, and verbalize detailed information accurately. Ability to be observant, accurate, and capable of following directions. Excellent Puntuality. Solid communication skills. Great interpersonal skills. Flexible. Strong attention to detail. Basic math skills. Knowledge: Knowledge and compliance of all safety guidelines. Education: high school diploma or equivalent. Steel Toes Shoes Required.
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