In It for the Long Haul: ATS

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Anderson Trucking Service was built on collaboration right here in the greater St. Cloud area.

It was 1955. The trucking industry was heavily regulated. At the time, Cold Spring Granite (now known as Coldspring) owned a private fleet of trucks, only hauling outbound stone and the inbound materials used to manufacture the company’s granite products. Eventually, the business grew to a point where it had more outbound goods than inbound materials, leaving them stranded without freight for return trips. That’s when Coldspring reached out to ATS founder Harold Anderson to manage its overflow business, and ATS was officially incorporated, laying the groundwork for a company dedicated to supporting fellow businesses, local commerce, and seeing the bigger picture of growth.

Inch by Inch, Mile by Mile

Anderson Trucking ServiceHarold Anderson began ATS’ rich legacy focused on the heart and soul of the company—the driver. A unique perspective on employee opportunity and culture perhaps before its time, ATS is now led by the third generation of the Anderson family.

Paul Pfeiffer is ATS’ Chief Financial Officer. When asked just what it is about the people-first mentality of the organized, he explained, “We believe hiring the right person is essential to not only our continued growth, but it truly sets us apart from our competition. We evaluate knowledge, skills, and abilities, as it relates to the position, but also a candidate’s internal drive, positive attitude, and willingness to learn can certainly set them apart. Central MN’s people are hardworking, have access to quality education, training opportunities, and are a great fit for our growth-oriented, family-first culture.”

He continued, “ATS is a 66-year-old company with a history of continued growth. It is critically important to us that we are located in communities and regions that can sustain and support our growth, both from an employment perspective, but also by offering the tools we need to support growth in infrastructure and technology. Further, it is important that our communities can offer a safe, secure, and positive quality of life for our employees and their families outside of work.”

“Drivers first, last, and always—it’s in our DNA.”

Driven by Value

Pfeiffer continued, “we are a strong, stable company rich in history, and absolutely driven by our values, which are embraced in everything we do. They include innovation and excellence, which keep propelling us forward to pursue new growth, opportunities, technology, and market leadership. We make investments in our drivers, employees, organizational infrastructure, and promising market opportunities we see. Anderson Trucking Service Blue TruckThis provides career growth, as well and professional development and stability to our employees and drivers on a regular basis. Our goal for all employees is to offer an environment where they can continue to learn, grow and feel they are making a positive impact.

Further, as a family-owned company, we value people and treat our team as a family. In fact, we often go to extraordinary lengths to support our employees with the Anderson Assistance Foundation where we help team members overcome the hardships that life sometimes throws at them, through the generous giving by other team members.”

Calling Central Minnesota Home

Pfeiffer shared that In addition to having access to all of the amenities of a major metro area without some of the major headaches that come along with it, ATS loves the talent level, diversity, and work ethic that comes along with a workforce fed by several quality and higher, more technical education partners.

He said, “As a family-owned company, one of the things that make working at ATS special is that it feels like you are coming to work with your neighbors, as no one is too busy to say hello in the hallways. The region’s culture is down to earth, which plays an important role in shaping that work ethic and family-like rapport. It’s close enough to be an easy drive to a major MSA (metropolitan statistical area) while still enjoying a peaceful, quieter lifestyle, yet progressive enough to also attract and retain a workforce that will thrive in our dynamic and performance-driven organization. Our people are what make the difference in an incredibly competitive industry.”

Back to Collaboration

The efforts and goals of St. Cloud Shines are largely dependent upon sponsorships and support from companies like Anderson Trucking Service.

When asked why ATS backs St. Cloud Shines, Pfeiffer said, “it’s a collaborative effort designed to promote the benefits and treasures of the Greater St. Cloud area, where our company was born and continues to call home. As the home to our corporate office and a large portion of our operations, the people, businesses, and communities in our area have played a vital role in helping ATS continue to fulfill its mission of helping people succeed in delivering worldwide transportation solutions.

Anderson Trucking Service Trucks

While we have locations across the country and around the world, St. Cloud is our home. Being a leader in helping the communities that have supported our growth over the years is important to ATS, as well as the Anderson family. Further, as a growing company, ATS shares a stake in sustaining the economic vitality of the area and ensuring we can continue to attract and retain quality talent, so it made perfect sense for a variety of reasons.”

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