HollyBlue Permanent Jewelry

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We’re officially less than one week out from Valentine’s day! If you’re looking for something beautiful, thoughtful, affordable, and local … meet HollyBlue Permanent Jewelry.

Paige Meyer launched HollyBlue Permanent Jewelry less than a year ago after falling in love with the idea of permanent jewelry and finding there were no local businesses that offered it. “I had been dreaming and planning to one day own my own business – I just didn’t know to what extent that would be. I knew I wanted it to be tied to fashion in some way, and when I discovered permanent jewelry I knew it was the perfect way for me to begin a business. I started the business process in the beginning of May 2022 and by June 1st launched HollyBlue to the public.”

“Unlike other jewelry (bracelets, ankle bracelets, and necklaces) HollyBlue is a clasp-less jewelry experience.  There is never a need to put the jewelry on or take it off as it’s always there – until you choose to cut or remove the jewelry. It truly is the most effortless, unique fashion accessory. Aside from it being clasp-less each piece is custom fit to you. No more over-or under-sized accessories that we try to make work.”

Where does the name come from? “People often assume my name is Holly, but it’s clearly not. When I started brainstorming business names, I wanted to incorporate butterflies in some way because they’re very special to me. After some research and saying different species names aloud, I came across the holly blue butterfly. It’s a dainty, stunning butterfly and I instantly knew it was perfect for the elegance and beauty that permanent jewelry brings.”

Paige wasn’t born in the area, but has been here for years and is raising her family here – in addition to building her HollyBlue business. “I was born in Charleston, South Carolina as my dad was in the navy. We moved to St. Cloud in 1997 to be with both of my parents’ families and have been here ever since. I now reside in Rice with my husband and our two children – with our newest arrival joining us in May. Between my husband’s work and both of our families being in the St. Cloud area, it was natural for us to stay in the area and continue to make it our home.”

“Without the support and trust of other small businesses in the Central MN area, HollyBlue truly would not be what it is today. I don’t have a storefront, so I rely on small businesses and local events (most often referred to as ‘pop-ups’) to keep me busy and operating. Some businesses I have had the joy of working with include Back Shed Brewing, Cinder Boutique, Cold Press Coffee, White Peony, Second Street Coffee, Babies on Broadway, and so many more – with new relationships happening each and every month! The way the business community promotes and stands behind one another is truly amazing. I am so honored to have the support of area communities and to also now uplift their businesses and support them as well.” 

“I tell people all the time, one of the greatest parts about HollyBlue is all the relationships I’ve made with other small businesses and the clients who have come back for not one, but two or three pieces of jewelry. I love being able to build, maintain, and continue a relationship with partners and clients.”

Permanent jewelry from a local source doesn’t mean basic or limited options. “Currently, HollyBlue has over 40 chain options to choose from in a variety of sterling silver, 14k gold, and rose gold filled. We can do everything from a one-on-one custom appointment to birthday and bachelorette parties. The possibilities are endless and I love working with others to bring their vision to life.”


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