The Patriot Tour™

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Nation of Patriots™ is a nonprofit organization that works on a national level to raise awareness for military issues and to gather financial support for the physical, emotional, and economic misfortune that our disabled veterans and their families live with every day. Their goal is to unite Americans and rally them behind the brave men and women who have served our country.

Nation of Patriots™ raises money through their national network and distributes it directly to families in need of their support. “We give 100% of all donations received directly to the veterans we strive to help. We work with Veterans Affairs facilities and many other veteran organizations to help us locate and select veteran families based on specific criteria.”

Shortly after they formed in 2008, Nation of Patriots™ launched The Patriot Tour™ in 2009. The Patriot Tour™ is the ceremonial passing of one American Flag through all 50 states, traditionally transported on the back of a motorcycle. Over the course of 115 days and a span of 15,000 miles, tens of thousands of people come together to accomplish this incredible feat and honor the members of America’s Armed Forces.

The annual Patriot Tour™was organized to honor past, present, and fallen veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. 100% of the funds raised will provide financial support for U.S. Veterans and their families. The Patriot Tour has successfully raised over 1 million dollars and provided much-needed assistance for over 400 families. 

Criteria for candidate aid selection include:

  • The veteran must have been honorably discharged
  • The veteran must have a minimum of one legal dependent
  • The veteran must have a VA disability rating of 50% or more

Since the first tour, they have had a huge following across the country and continue to grow. Locally, St. Augusta Legion Post 621 has been participating in the tour for the last 7 years with various numbers of ride participants. The Legion Riders, a newly created chapter in St. Augusta, is taking over in the participation, previously organized by the Manager of the Legion Post 621.

The 2022 tour started in Erie, PA on May 21st and ends there on September 17th.  The St. Augusta Legion received the Flag from Alexandria, MN on September 1st and escorted it to Eden Prairie, MN on September 2nd.

By participating in the Patriot Tour we are joining a greater cause to create awareness and unity in helping our veterans. Soldiers of the Armed Forces were not always and still aren’t always completely taken care of the way they should after coming back from combat and being injured and discharged from their branch of service. To learn more, visit 


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