Shines Stories: Songbird Kitchens

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It’s officially February – the month of sweets, treats, and love. We’re here to save you all from another heart-shaped box of mundane, stale chocolates. If getting your special someone a special something is on your to-do list, Songbird Kitchens will have you singing with delight.

April Songbird KitchensSongbird Kitchens is an official Cottage Food Producer (meaning owner, April Schlichting can create and sell baked goods from her home). They’re in their official second year of business and make everything from beautiful french macarons to cookies, and imaginative, flavor-filled cakes, truffles, and more.

“I started Songbird Kitchens because I had a passion for delicious food and wanted to share it with people. I love to see how something I make can make someone happy or help them enjoy the moment. I made the decision to push myself out of my comfort zone and start my own business because I couldn’t live with the weight of regret I would feel if I looked back on my life and realized I had never believed in myself enough to try pursuing this passion for culinary creation.”

April was born and raised in Central MN and felt strongly about staying in the area. “I grew up near Foley and made the move to a rural area just outside of Rice after my husband and I built a house in 2006. We got married shortly after high school and decided to settle in the area. We knew we wanted to build our own house and put down roots near family.”

There are a few things that make Songbird Kitchens unique and special. Their goal is to create sweet treats that give you a flavor experience. “I put time and thought into creating unique and layered flavor profiles and it’s one of my favorite things to do! I’m aiming for something that makes you close your eyes and/or compels you to make an unintended exclamation of enjoyment–something memorable. I want your taste buds to sing after each bite and every calorie to be worth it! This is one of the reasons I offer new and unique flavors on a limited menu every month.”

Just because April’s treats are delicious, doesn’t mean they’re completely unhealthy. “I look for ways to create treats that aren’t overloaded with sugar and/or filled with artificial ingredients. I aim to create baked goods that are interesting, balanced, made with love – and not junk. I use non-artificial flavorings and coloring as much as possible; including coloring macaron shells with from-the-earth-based powders and making things like fruit compotes and reductions from scratch. And, I love helping to build true community and connection wherever I go; and what better way to do that than with great food.”

And Songbird Kitchens sure does build community! You may have seen them during one of their many collaborations in 2021 – at Whit Gallery, Green Thumb Etc., Millstream Night Market, ShopSmallCrawl, AAF Central MN events, White Peony, Central MN Child Advocacy Center, and Tanner’s Team – among others. “I love the magic of collaboration and community! The business owners and leaders in this community that encourage, support, and help each other are truly magical to me. I have seen such admirable leadership, support, and brilliance from the local business community–It makes me genuinely excited for the future!”

You can order from Songbird Kitchens at – check out their monthly menus or custom-order special creations like layer cakes, cupcakes, cake jars, french macarons, and more. Keep up with their latest treats and flavors by following them on social media. 


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