Shines Stories: Shannon Wiger & Co.

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You learn something new every day – and after talking with Shannon Wiger, we learned what the term “adaptive reuse projects” means. Think of the building on the corner of 5th Ave and West Saint Germain downtown, home to GSDC and Kensington Bank… of both Hudson & Co, W | R Home Company, and KPower Yoga in St. Joseph… The Davidson Opera House downtown St. Cloud… These all had Shannon’s magic touch (and vision + talent).

“My real estate development and design work is focused on adaptive reuse projects – a fancy term for purchasing neglected and obsolete commercial properties and reinventing them in a way that not only honors the past but also creates flexible and exciting options for future use. I have yet to visit a newly constructed space that can match the charm and soul of an old building. And, the uglier and more neglected a space – the more power it has to transform a community by proving what is possible with a little risk, a big vision, and some hard work.”

Shannon grew up in Marshall, MN, and came to the area for college. “I am a proud graduate of the College of Saint Benedict and aside from a year working in Scotland after graduation, have lived in Central Minnesota ever since. Now I live in Sartell, MN with my husband Nick and three children, Owen, Jack, and Anne.”

Where some see a rundown,
forgotten space, Shannon sees opportunity and beauty. “I grew up wanting to be an artist and an archeologist – and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I love history and design and am in awe of the craftsmanship, pride, and detail in historic buildings. I grew up on a farm, and among so many values I’ve taken from my childhood, one of the most important is that we fix and care for things, rather than throw them away. The most exciting part of what I do – without a doubt – is the power of each transformation. I have an unrelenting and absolute belief that anything is possible. That belief has guided my life for as long as I can remember – and provided me with the confidence to take risks, say yes to opportunities without hesitation, and place no limits on what I dream of accomplishing. I believe that each revitalization project strengthens a community by drawing in new businesses, new energy, and creating momentum and a new, elevated standard for future development.”

“Most of the properties I have redeveloped are well over 100 years old – and were once the heart and bustling center of town. I often think about all that has happened within the walls of a building as I’m uncovering the original structure – the dreams, the deals, the heartache, and the excitement of those earliest days in our community – and everything that has happened in the decades in between. The journey of honoring that history by returning these spaces to their former glory, and once again giving them an important place in the community brings me so much joy. It is a privilege to build on that legacy, and reimagine and create spaces for the entrepreneurs of today to follow their dreams.”

Not only does Shannon have a love and obvious talent for what she does, but her background in business also gives her a deeper understanding. “For the past ten years, I have worked in law and am the Director of Business Development at Moss & Barnett. I love this work, as it provides me with the great privilege of supporting entrepreneurs and businesses across Minnesota and beyond. My real estate development work is a passion of mine, and I am completely addicted to the thrill of each transformation – I aim to always have a project in progress! Collectively, my work blends together seamlessly. My engagement on a variety of fronts allows me to understand the business landscape intimately because I am out actively doing things in the community, not just talking about them.”

“I have had partners on previous projects, but over the past year and a half, I have transitioned to developing and leading my own projects through my company, Shannon Wiger & Co. My first solo project was the renovation of the Frank Timmers Saloon in St. Joseph, MN, now home to Hudson & Co. I have two other projects underway, which will be home to four additional new (and all women-owned!) businesses in the St. Joseph community. And, after that, I have three additional projects in the pipeline for 2023.” She’s a mover and shaker in our community, and we love it. 

“I believe that if I want great things in my community, I cannot just wish for them or talk about them, I have to roll up my sleeves and find a place to contribute and make them happen. My goal in every project is to create spaces that inspire action and serve as a catalyst for more meaningful development that strengthens the community. The way a space feels is important. Well-designed spaces ultimately contribute to how a community feels. Thriving communities attract the best talent, businesses, and creatives. That tangible sense of pride is essential to any healthy community – and that’s exactly the type of place I want to live, work and raise my family. Excellence inspires excellence, and that enthusiasm is powerful.”

If you know of a building or business owner looking to collaborate, grow, change, or transform their space – connect them with Shannon. “Introductions are one of the best ways people can support my work. I love meeting people and companies with big dreams and goals – and the ability to move quickly to accomplish them! My experience with the community in Central MN has been one of enthusiastic collaboration and support. With each historic renovation project, I’ve had countless people reach out with memories, photos, and appreciation – and often their recollection of the space guides the design. It warms my heart and validates that the hard work is worth it.”    




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