Granite City Motor Park

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As a driver himself, James Trantina always dreamed of owning his own Motor Park or race track, so when the opportunity came to purchase Granite City Motor Park (previously named Golden Spike Speedway), he felt like he couldn’t pass it up.

Granite City Motor Park is more than just a racetrack. “We’ve added our touch to the track and have several different events, such as Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Trunk or Treat, Dirt Car Racing, Monster Truck Events, Demolition Derbies, School Bus Races, and more. We always keep our community and families in mind. We have great food at excellent prices.”

In reality, Granite City Motor Park is an entertainment facility. They have a 3/8-mile semi-banked clay oval that hosts dirt track auto racing from early May through Labor Day. The track hosts WISSOTA sanctioned Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Mod Fours, and Hornets on a weekly basis.

“We Love central Minnesota, we enjoy the people in our community, and the St. Cloud area businesses are pretty tight-knit. Being local myself, it’s great to have something like this close to home. It’s been awesome to see our different events start to attract a different crowd and people who didn’t know about us previously. We continue to make improvements at the facility and bring more fun events throughout the year. The Motor Park is fortunate to have had some big named racers and big named monster trucks attend our shows, too. All ages are welcome and many of our events are family-focused.”

You can catch a race at Granite City Motor Park almost every Sunday night during racing season. Check out their Facebook page for scheduled events and other ways you can support their business.


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